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It is very funny you posted this on my special day. I wont lie I’ve been a gamer for 32yrs, love SAO, the idea of FDVR, have a 2yr in electronics/robotics, self study human psychology,neuroscience, and medicine due to my medical conditions, but i have been blessed with a great mind!! I had the same thoughts prior to reading your post, It is an in escapeable scientific fact that whatever our brain interperts as real even if it is artificial could have an instant effect on our physical body depending on what that data is, so the danger is an absolute truth. Is there enough tech available to create a fullproof fail safe? Dampening data returned to the user, example ( you get your head sliced with a sword while in FD but the system determines its a fatal blow so data returned to the users brain would be dampened to the equivalent of lets say the pain of a sprained ankle in real life) thats still gonna hurt your head or more precise your brain will make it feel that way OUCH, the way our brains are hardwired we would still percieve it as not being real defeating the whole virtual reality concept. The data needed for such calculations seems infinite, MRI,EEG,NCS of little things like moving a finger,walking,problem solving,complex thought process (like a fight for your life ) ect… It would need to be a perfect union with all five of our senses and a computer. Can we turn off pain receptor data return to the user’s body and still trick the virtual entity to believe it is real? It would be a technology epedemic if it ever became affordable, people would hack,steal,cheat,break the whole thing ( human nature can be unfortunate ) but there is no light without dark. A lot of great things could be done with FDVR in the medical field, training, teaching….BUT a lot of bad could happen too! Despite all that if I can use my knowledge to help achieve TrueFDVR I still would, more human nature just to see if we can do it. When we do achieve it. You and I can meet on a futuristic battlefield for a Sword duel with fancy flashy skills we could never do in reality! First I would need to do a Kamehameha then I’d know I was living my dream, a Mystical World where my only limit is my imagination. Alas reality has its hard truths. Until then STARBURST STREAM

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This is what separates The VOID from any other VR experience around. The real world components as you wander freely around simply feels natural and makes the virtual world seem that much more real.

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Next, you’re equipped with your backpack and headset, which is quite a lengthy process. The equipment is fairly heavy and takes a lot of adjustments to sit just right. The headset has high-resolution screens and lenses, offering an optimal virtual reality experience. Those familiar with the tech will still see the “screen door” effect, but the resolution is extremely high that it’s easy to ignore that issue. Getting the backpack and vest to sit securely requires pulling multiple sets of straps and feels a bit like you’re going through airplane life vest safety training.

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Full dive virtual reality development isn’t all fun and games. Success requires a solid foundation in the very latest virtual reality technology, and the ability to transform complex theories into workable solutions. Pioneers in full dive development must go beyond adopting the latest technology; they must be able to do .

Fibrum – the largest Russian developer of mobile virtual reality games and applications.

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This is virtual reality like none other. You can’t replicate this experience at home. The VOID has brought its state-of-the-art tactile VR technology to Walt Disney World, not only allowing guests to see the Star Wars world around them via VR headsets, but also feel it both by haptic vests as well as literally being able to reach out and touch the virtual world around them. Plus, it’s a completely free roaming, tether-free experience, which offers maximum freedom to explore and fight the bad guys.

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Every Tuesday Andy straps on the Oculus Rift and dives headfirst into the world of virtual reality in the Rift Report. Is it really the future of PC gaming?

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Back in the real world, real and exciting things are happening. Full dive virtual reality technology is rapidly stepping off the pages of science fiction and into the lab.