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As you consider the issues raised in this week's module, ask yourself whether you feel comfortable imposing your cultural values on members of another country or culture. As Rao cautions, ask yourself also who the cultural defenders are. Are there certain acts or traditions we can comfortably condemn despite cultural relativist blinders?

practice of FGM is an issue of cultural relativism or an issue ..

For a discussion of the role of cultural relativism in addressing FGM, see:
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Instead, a principle of cultural relativism without it being used as a moral principle to forbid someone from altering or even from criticizing some or all the values of specific cultures.

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But once given those things, the task before us is clearly a more difficult and sobering one than what we contemplated through the easy out of cultural relativism.

is that virtually  traditional cultures have anything like a sense of cultural relativism.
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However, with such a moral principle, we have the familiar problem of self-referential consistency: for as a from what culture does cultural relativism come?

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As a methodological principle for anthropology, we might even say that cultural relativism is unobjectionable: anthropologists are basically supposed to what a culture is like, and it really doesn't fit in with that purpose to spend any time judging the culture or trying to change it.

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But the deepest problem with cultural relativism and its anthropological vindication, whether by Mead or others, comes when we consider what it is supposed to .

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Since Boaz and Mead were anthropologists, this gave cultural relativism the dignity, not just of a philosophical theory, but of a scientific discovery.

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More importantly, cultural relativism, as many anthropologists end up talking about it, gets raised from a methodological principle for a scientific discipline into a that is supposed to apply to everyone: That since all values are specific to a given culture, then nobody has the right to the values from their culture on to any other culture or to any culture that their traditional values should be different.

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Many scholars respond that cultural relativism should not stop us in our tracks or paralyze the discussion about basic human rights applied globally. In the excerpt that follows, Arati Rao considers the application of cultural relativist standards on the international women's rights movement. She argues that cultural relativism is too often a political expedient, used by old guard leaders to perpetuate a status quo that condones oppression of women. See what you think.