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Less conspicuous than these two, there was another important Crusading Order in Outremer, the
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Crusader states can also include the lands of the Teutonic and Livonian Knights in the Baltic, which lasted until Prussia was secularized in 1525 and the last Grand Master of the Livonian Knights was made Duke of Courland by Poland in 1561, and the island of Malta, under the Hospitallers until 1798.

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"Operations" principally meant the recovery of Acre, whose inhabitants, after a long siege, and surrendering on terms, were then massacred, reinforcing the reputation for savagery and treachery that the Crusaders already had.

The Crusading surplice or habit of the Hospitaller Knights included a white cross on red.
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Thus, while the Crusaders have "talked obsessively" in their racist and imperialist way, they wear their "red crosses reverently sewn to their tunics." Hughes seems to think that all the crosses worn by Crusaders were red, and he actually says so again on page 193 -- "the red insignia of the cross so [righteously] hated by [blameless] Arabs and alike." However, some crosses were red (the Templars, ), some crosses were white (the Hospitallers, or ), some were black (the Teutonic Knights, ), and some were even green (as agreed upon by Count Philip I of before the Third Crusade, ).

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The animal rights movement, and especially the postmodernist movement,represent a serious threat for two reasons--science no longer acknowledgesits indebtedness to the Christian world view and abandonment of the Christianworld view among people is becoming more and more common. The mindset thathindered the birth of science is being resurrected, and the continued existenceof science-as-we-know-it is therefore threatened. The polarity between ascientific world view and a religious world view was only able to be bridgedby Christianity. For Christianity, like science, acknowledges an objectivereality that is intelligible, but unlike atheistic interpretations of science,it also acknowledges the reality of the non-material realm. As science comesunder attack, the Mother of Science ought to step-up to defend her offspringfrom the attacks of the neo-pagan. For only the Christian world view candefend against the attacks of the postmodernists. Only the Christian worldview can justify animal research. The atheists and the naturalists haveonly their blind faith and sentiments, and these are easily steam-rolledby the irrational faith and sentiments of the neo-pagan mind. The same philosophicaland theological assumptions that paved the way for the birth of scienceare needed to defend the life of science. Christians have another uniqueopportunity to demonstrate the importance of Christian views in the practiceof science. Will they take this opportunity? Or will they join sides withthe neo-pagans?

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The Jagiellons, in contrast, whose realms contained a great plurality of religious belief, deplored both the crusading tradition and the theory of papal supremacy behind which the Knights concealed their rapacity.

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AUTHOR: Price, Joyce.
TITLE: Animal Activists Threaten Studies.
APPEARS IN: Washington Times 1990, Mar 5, Sec A, p1 col1.
ABSTRACT: Increased violence and threats by animal rights activists haveforced some scientists to halt research and are discouraging many studentsfrom pursuing biomedical careers.

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If Le Pen had been elected President of France, and instituted special laws and privileges for the ethnic French People, prohibiting immigration and limiting the rights of others, one can imagine the volcanic response of fear, horror, and recrimination that would follow.