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I remember when we did the Tyrell scene where he’s punching the homeless guy in the first season, and we got tight coverage and that was the instinct. And I’m watching it in the edit bay and I just completely zoned out because I had no idea what was going on and it’s really desensitizing. But when you sit in that wide shot and you see this guy just taking it and he’s punching him in the face, it really disturbed me. For me, it’s just a much more powerful method.

Do you know of any that you can ?

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This verse clearly teaches that in order to be saved you need to save yourself and others from hell. It also clearly teaches that if you are not trying to save souls, you are, in fact, damaging and scattering souls. And Christ says that those who do not try to save souls are his enemies. So, are you really doing all you can?

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We are three unworthy servants of our God and Lord Jesus Christ who, by the grace of God, live like monks in chastity, self-denial and humility and in dedicating our lives to love God above all, while spreading Jesus’ words in all over the world. Our mission is to gather brothers and sisters who have the good will to preach, teach and spread these Holy Revelations to our beloved brothers and sisters in the world. Please put a link to our homepage and tell all your friends, relatives and everyone you know about this site and the wonderful words of our Lord for the salvation of souls. If you are a preacher, we hope and pray that you will preach these words from the Holy Spirit to your whole congregation.

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Today’s Olivier nominations continued a trend.

Matthew 7:13 “Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wideis the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many thereare who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadethto life, and few there are that find it!

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“Let me ask thee, O reader, what proportion thinkest thouof all who live upon this earth will be saved? Half? or a third part? or perhapsa quarter? Alas, I fear, and not without good reason, that the number will notbe nearly so large. Jesus Christ, who is eternal Truth, His holy apostles, andthe Fathers of the Church, all tell us that so it will be.

Winnie the Pooh has ditched the Hundred Acre Woods.

Catholics must understand that few are saved.Our Lord Jesus Christ revealed that the road to Heaven is straight and narrowand few find it, while the road to Hell is wide and taken by most (Mt. 7:13).

: Oh my god, I’m huge, huge, huge fans of you guys, I’m kind of geeking out right now.

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What would not the billions of suffering souls in Hell do, whofell into the most horrifying torments imaginable for the sake of carnalimpurities and temptations of the flesh, if they had a second chance to escapetheir eternal torment? In truth, they would gladly walk on the surface of theSun, which is millions of degrees hot for a billion times billion years if Godenabled them to do so. To choose a single second of sinful pleasure (which ishow short this life is compared to eternity) for an infinite time ofexcruciating torments and tortures in hell is unfathomable, and yet,literally the whole world consents to this devilish trap!

GE: And that’s partly kind of what’s happening.

Fr. Martin Von Cochem’s masterpiece book (that deals specifically with the topics of Hell, the fear of God,death and judgment), explains the frightful truth of Our Lord’s words in theGospel of how few people there actually are on this earth that even find thepath to Heaven even once while living on this earth, and much lesspersevere on it until their death:

GE: Are you taking a vacation or anything?

Nowadays, however, the fear of Hell has vanished completely,and that is why no one cares anything about avoiding the occasion of sin. Butthe time will come when they shall lift up their voices in lamentation andweeping and curse themselves for refusing to avoid the occasion of sin, butthen, it is sadly too late for them. “(Apocalypse 14:11)