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"Breastfeeding: Unraveling the Mysteries of Mother's Milk", Margit Hamosh, PhD, Georgetown University Medical Center, Medscape Women's Health eJournal 1(5), 1996.
An overview of the composition and characteristics of human mother's milk.

Day Poems : Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

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With this all, I can claim scientific literacy and an analytical approach, a belief that I can master most areas of knowledge, and a sense of numeracy,an appreciation of numbers and statistics.

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Combined Middle East debate
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Pope meets Muslim envoys: Your reaction
Muslim cartoon row: your reaction
Richard Hammond: Your messages
Would removing veils improve community relations?
Have UK airport delays affected you?
Your reaction to death of Steve Irwin
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Can North Korea be restrained?
Should Iran develop nuclear energy?

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Sir Walter Scott, by John Buchan, free ebook

Please use something like statistics instead of anecdotal evidence that has no real names and sounds hypothetical if you want a valid argument. Your arguments are unsound and the last part of your rant it seems that striking a blow for literacy with your sledgehammer is advocating child abuse. How’s your literacy if you fail to make it easily understood you intend that they strike the console.

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From the Abstract: "...This review presents the state of knowledge of the anti-cancer aspects of HAMLET-like compounds, the HAMLET-induced cytotoxic activities to cancer and non-cancer cells, and the several prospective cell membrane and intracellular targets of the HAMLET family.

Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles: Philadelphia, 1700-29

I used to run a warhammer rules development website, called The Hammer and Anvil. I don’t know how it’s doing now, because a few months ago I finally cut myself off from it. This has done me an enormous amount of good. Even though, whilst I had it, I ran a site on fairly sound business principles, organized people, wrote stories, improved my critical faculties, and so on: and we had a lot of very educated sorts of people – I learnt all sorts of things about Arabian poetry for example. But I could’ve learnt that same stuff from a book. I could’ve practiced those skills with real people. And without the negative side effects.