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This talk, workshop and ceremony is an invitation to join forces to create sacred space for a personal and collective catalytic event for change.

Change Your Mind 57 Ways To Unlock Your Creative Self …

Change Your Mind 57 Ways To Unlock Your Creative Self

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The book is a map back to hope, and a buoyant message about the power we each have to transform, create and give our unique selves and gifts to the world. One of my unique gifts is that I’m able to activate and create a space for people to move through limiting circumstances and make real changes.

Creative Approaches to Self-Care: Creating Change - …

I’m also sharing all my successes and uncommon adventures, from my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, to travels around the world with multimillionaires and billionaires, nefarious characters, and living on barter and trade for a decade, why I turned down being on the Johnny Carson show, how I created my own multimillion dollar company and books and art that have touched millions. I’m also sharing a new paradigm of grieving, where we grieve deeply and live wildly together – like bird wings.

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Self-Improvement- Tips On How To Self Improve Yourself