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That was kind of put in a Muhammad Ali's way; here fists and gloves being replaced by words and truth!!!Not watching mainstream media and news(getting my infos on alternate webplaces)plus not being a specialist in economy and political strategy, i do clearly see now the big picture as Dane would say and agree that Russia and China will have to get much tougher and adamant in front of those demonic entities leading Washington or suffer the tragic consequences for them and the rest of the planet…

The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction

In the Genesis account of creation, Adam is created as the first human being and man....

The Reagan Doctrine was a strategy orchestrated ..

Indeed, Roosevelt's Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, would have liked nothing better than to have collectivized farming as Stalin was doing so successfully in Russia (or at least so he, and countless acolytes, said -- the millions of people starving to death were perhaps just the eggs that needed breaking to make the omlette).

The Doctrine of Creatio Ex Nhilio - Term Paper

Often the irony is that the speakers are Northerners who have left the "Rust Belt," blighted by the socialism of Democrat rule, and relocated to the warmer climate and better economic growth in the "Sun Belt" of the South (where in recent history more jobs have been created annually in Texas than in the rest of the country put together).

Region bordering Pakistan-Afghanistan, which is now the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, is a direct result of Reagan Doctrine.

Ronald Reagan - Speech at the Brandenburg Gate

If MORE people actually FELT something instead of thinking they're actually DEALING with stuff by getting blasted on (your favorite recreational drug here) 3 times a day, maybe we'd have avoided a lot of this crap being dumped on us, quite literally now.

FIRST SABBATH (creation week) = He gave us Life

Arthur had actually been the creature of the Republican Establishment, as Garfield had not been, but he seems to have disappointed his patrons in terms of the patronage and corruption that they expected.

SECOND SABBATH (in tomb) = He gave us New Life

There would be hell to pay for this, as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did as much to destroy as to enforce them (creating endless controversies about matters that are not public, legal, or government issues at all), but it is hard to imagine how anything short of prolonged military dictatorship could have stopped Southern whites in 1876.

This violated , not to mention the Economics 101 law of Supply and Demand, and merely created unprecedented unemployment, not prosperity.

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The Bataan Death March of Allied prisoners, and the rigors of Japanese prison camps, then created an emotional attachment between Americans and Filipinos that may have been lacking earlier.

In regards to the hierarchy of our creation, the first instance of this set up is in reference to gender.

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To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.

Borglum, however, also created a monument to Sacco and Vanzetti [1928], the anarchist martyrs of the 1920's; and he greatly admired Abraham Lincoln.

Reagan Babe – If they can't see the light, make them …

This was always a confusion, or a lie, but it didn't really gain leverage until the Depression, when the malfeasance of the Progressivist President () and the Federal Reserve System created a crisis that henceforth could be blamed on businessmen and financiers.