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The student should be helped to decide to whom to come out. This discussion should include: a) who they think would be the most supportive, b) how they think each person will respond, c) what they think are some of the possible problems with coming out to this particular person, and d) what are some of the possible benefits of coming out to this person.

Conclusion: These data support thesexual transmission of BV.

Sue and Sue (1999)propose the use of a Racial/Cultural Identity Development (R/CID) model:

55. Hooker E. The adjustment of the male overt homosexual. ;21:-

Abstract: Male circumcision has beenshown to reduce the risk of acquiring and transmitting a number ofvenereal infections. However, little is knownabout the association between male circumcision and the risk of infection in the female partner. The authorspooled data on 305 adult couples enrolled as controls in one of fivecase-control studies of invasive cervical cancer conducted in Thailand,the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, and Spain between 1985 and 1997.

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Sometimes LGB clients develop intense sexual feelings for atherapist. These feelings may present as sexual images in dreams ordaytime thoughts, or as a preoccupation with the therapist. Exploringthe meanings of these feelings in expressive therapies can lead totreatment gains. In supportive therapies, boundary setting andreassurances that sex will not take place between therapist and clientis useful. Therapists may need supervision in these situations,especially if a therapist is personally upset or offended by apatient's sexual desires or feelings.

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Students who experience these feelings may seek help from a school counselor to sort through their questioning. It is at this time that the affirmative school counselor needs to be non-judgmental and able to provide accurate information regarding the issue of sexual identity. They need to be comfortable telling students that having sexual attraction to those of the same gender does not necessarily mean they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. To fail to provide this information could increase the levels of questioning and confusion and extend a period of discomfort for the student.

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TheGLB client may wish to believe that a therapist with experience ingay/lesbian issues will spontaneously understand their specific lifeexperiences, without the usual history taking and relating of lifestories with all their inherent contradictions. This assumption maylimit the therapist's deeper understanding of the client and his or herconflicts. Alternatively, a GLB client may defensively assume that atherapist who is perceived as not knowledgeable about GLB issuescouldn't possibly understand him or her.

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An empathic understanding of a client's life is an important partof a therapeutic alliance. However, an overly close identification witha client's struggle or suffering can lead to over protectiveness orinability to explore less than admirable aspects of a client.

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GLB clients can develop romantic feelings for the therapist orfall in love with an imagined perception of the therapist. This may beconfusing for the client if the gender or orientation of the therapistdoes not correspond to what their orientation might predict. Atherapist should learn to explore and tolerate a wide range of romanticfeelings from clients, even feelings that may be incongruent with oftheir own orientation or gender. Alternatively, a client may come tofeel that the therapist is developing strong romantic feelings for himor her.

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Pre-coming out is a time when people recognize that they have feelings of attraction toward those of the same gender. A common response to this is denial of these feelings and an effort to avoid acknowledgement of them. At this time, gay boys or lesbians not be aware of the significance of these feelings, but they know that the feelings are different from those expected. Klein, Sepekoff, and Wolf (1985) suggested that sexuality is a fluid characteristic rather than a static one. People are not just heterosexual or homosexual but fall somewhere along the continuum between the two. Moreover, the point on which they may fall on the continuum may change depending on personal and social factors. Based on the idea of a sexuality continuum, it can be posited that some adolescents experience sexual attraction toward those of their own gender which may in turn cause them to question their sexual identity.