Shakespeare utilizes the aspect of corruption of power in Macbeth.

Answering this question using observational data is not easy. It is possible that power corrupts, but it is also possible that some individuals have a natural inclination to seek power because they are corrupt at heart. We were therefore interested to see if stable traits or dispositions that we could measure, such as personality (for example, honesty) or physiological factors (such as testosterone levels), mattered for corruption.

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Also, many government agencies or officials do not care about people and their problems.

This is the corruption of power

Yet, when they became leaders, participants succumbed to the corruptive effects of power. Interestingly, honest individuals were initially shielded from taking antisocial decisions – but, with time, even they slid down the slippery, corrupting slope of power. Even more interesting was our observation that those who had high levels of testosterone were most corrupt when they had high power.

One major reason for his downfall is how corrupted he becomes due to the power he has.

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To know whether power does corrupt we had to exogenously manipulate power; we gave power to a random group of participants and observed how they behaved. By random assignment, we ensured we had roughly equal numbers of similar individuals (honest, smart, corrupt, men, women, and so on) in our experimental and control groups. If we found differences in levels of corruption, the explanation could not therefore be that the groups comprised different types of people at the outset.

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In Macbeth, the play's theme is the strife created by the wrongful seizure of power and the corruption of morals of those who acquire power by evil means....

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Corruption is a broad term covering a wide range of misuse of entrusted funds and power for privat gain: Theft, fraud, nepotism, abuse of power etc. A corrupt act is often - but not necessarily - illegal. In handling corruption you will often face a gray zones and dilemmas

Xi has previously warned that rampant official corruption could weaken the party's grip on power.

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The country itself was founded as a result of the Soviet Union’s collapse and the resulting power struggle has left the nation highly corrupt and vulnerable to tomfoolery.

Once Macbeth realizes that he has power, he becomes a person of corruption.

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AFA has broad investigative and preventive powers which are wider than those given to the previous French Central Service for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC).

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For example, companies to which Sapin II applies will have to put in place, among other things, an internal corporate code of conduct, employee disciplinary procedure, corruption risk assessment framework, a review of business partners and suppliers, whistleblowing mechanism and anti-corruption training for employees.