Some feel the government was promoting a secret agenda.

The research is aimed at exploring both the negative and positive effects of Marijuana usage. The goal is to assess the reasons behind the controversial perceptions by the relevant authorities on making it legal. In order to do this, examination of the users and their discernment regarding its necessity is reviewed. This is in consideration of the fact that other people use it in excess of the recommended dosage, which leads to adverse effects. On the other hand, it is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases when prescribed by a health professional in the required amount. The controversy is mainly caused by the claim of insufficient substantiation to convince the government of its importance. The adverse effects are however more convincing giving enough reason for its prohibition. The question of the debate is who will be most compromised when the opposite of either side is decided.

Because of all the "smoke clouds" surrounding this issue,

Others feel it was illegalized in order to protect the financial interests of certain industries.

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Clearly, the drug is important when used in the right capacity for the right purpose. When maintained as an illegal drug, people with genuine need for its use are compromised. On the other hand if legalized, the users with illegitimate motives may take advantage of the situation. It is therefore advisable that the usage be limited to prescription by professionals in the required field. Measurements should also be put in place to ensure there is no abuse of the drug by both the genuine and illegitimate users.

Controversy Surrounding The Legalization of Marijuana …

Because opinions surrounding the use of marijuana are as strong and as polarized as opinions about abortion, people usually form their own judgments based on experience, social groups, religious outlook and other influences.


This may be due to the urgency of the debate which has caused the government to enact federal legislation prohibiting doctors to medically prescribe marijuana.

Health Problems, Medical Marijuana, and Treatment in …

This is because there are two distinct sides that are extremely polarized--those who feel that marijuana is a drug and should be kept illegal and those who smoke marijuana for religious, medical or recreational purposes who feel that marijuana is simply a harmless or beneficial plant.

Earleywine, M. (2002). . New York: Oxford University Press.

Medics have argued that the use of Marijuana is essential treatment of some illnesses. Brophy, Ferguson, and Webber, (2010) argue that, “Patients who can apply to use medical marijuana under supervision of a physician severe pain… spinal cord injury or spinal cord disease.” (Pg 249). This clearly elaborates that the drug has been used for medical purposes. This should however be done under strict direction from a qualified medical personnel. This argument has been used to demand for its legalization. Other arguments for its legalization concern the extent to which it may increase the government revenue. This is mainly because its production will be regarded as a taxable business.

The controversy over marijuana legalization continues

There are controversial issues surrounding the use of marijuana in many countries. Studies have shown that the drug which has both positive and negative effects, it is the most abused drug in the world with very adverse effects on the users. On the other hand, it is widely used for medicinal purposes where researchers claim it is of great benefit. The question of whether to legalized or not, has caused the controversy among scientists, the government and medics. The argument surrounds the weight of the negative over positive effects surrounding its usage. Though many people have disclosed their illegal use of the drug, the government remains unenthusiastic about legalizing it.

Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Use

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