As for biographies of Shakespeare, I recommend J.

variety show host
Larry Kramer- AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me)
Scarlett Levine -- Huggies Commercial Star
Brian Epstein - Manager of The Beatles
Harry Shearer - Cartoon Voices on Simpsons/Comedian
Shawn Michaels- Pro wrestler
Sally Kellerman - actress/Mash
richard marx singer/musician
Alex Bendersky- A russian-jewish poet
Caroline Schreiber-singer and actress
Daniel Wayne Matthews - Interstate Commerce Commissioner
Jeffrey Katzenberg - Producer ( Dreamworks )
William Finn- composer (Falsettos)
Didi Pickles - mother of Tommy on the Rugrats
Aaran Tan - Lead singer and guitarist for rock band Phoenix
Aaron Bharatan - ex-Metallica guitarist and former guitarist for Phoenix
Jon Cryer - actor ,Pretty in Pink, The Famous Teddy Z
Richard Dreyfuss - JAWS Actor
Lee Cobb - famous actor
Phil Spector - Record Producer, famous for The Wall of Sound
MELISSA MANCHESTER - Singer-Songwriter-Actress
Leo Rosten -author Joys of Yiddish
Joshua Bell, concert violinist
Bruce Kulick - Guitarist from KISS
Elsa Zylberstein - French actress (played in Mina Tannenbaum)
Anita Diamant - author
Leonid Kogan - world class violinist
Peter Strauss - actor ('Rich Man, Poor Man')
Rebecca Goldstein - author/Mazel
jackie zeman - actress/general hospital
Jascha Brodsky, first violinist of the Curtis String Quartet
Jim Rome - sports talk show host
Michael Zaslow - Roger Thorpe on The Guiding Light
Jim Bleyer - writer
Michelle Tractenberg - actress in the movie Harriet The Spy
Kari Wuhrer-Salin - MTV hostess, B movie actress and hot piece of ass
Cy Coleman - Composer (Sweet Charity, City Of Angels)
Cindy Margolis - Beautiful blonde supermodel
Brian Feldman - he could be famous
Shalom Secunda-Composer wrote by meir bist du shane
Assaf Bernstein- top young israeli filmmaker
Amadeo Modigliani - Artist
Delmore Schwartz - Poet (th Cent)
Richard Kline - actor (Three's Company)
Eli Wallach - actor (The Magnificent Seven)
Danielle Fishel --actress
Jamie Luner - Actress, Savannah
Chris Brunecz -comedian (King of Late Night)
Harold Robbins - ne Rubin.

Walter Jackson Bate wrote a well-regarded biography of Keats.

When will it take me up again?”After completing “The Judgment,” Kafka attempted to write a novel.

During James’ lifetime, his works had a mixed reception.

(journalist) -- Dead. Died January 10, 2012. Born 1957. Irish journalist who produced documentaries on child sexualabuse by the Catholic Church ()

Homer’s works are enjoyable to read in almost any translation.

(singer) -- Alive. Born November 8, 1949. Blues singer, "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About," married to Michael O'Keefe for over eight years, John Raitt's daughter.

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Salinger temporarily worked on a cruise ship but later began submitting short stories to : "Lunch for Three," "Monologue for a Watery Highball," and "I Went to School with Adolf Hitler." Unfortunately, all three stories were rejected.

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Fortunately, later accepted his story "Slight Rebellion off Madison," but when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the story's publication was delayed until 1946.
Salinger entered the military service in 1942, several months after the Pearl Harbor attack.

JD Salinger essaysMany critics consider J.D

see site
Melanie Chartoff - actress
Sara Silverman - commedienne
Sophie Marceau - french actress Braveheart daughter of Marcel
Phil Ochs - Topical Folk Singer of 's
Howard Ashman - lyricist Little Shop of Horrors, Disney animated features
Debra Winger - Actress
Clare Carey - actress, coach
Kevin Kline - Actor, Best Supporting Oscar in A Fish Called Wanda
Lenny Kravitz - singer, guitarist
Harry Houdini - World's Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist
Morie Amsterdam
Barry Horowitz: real name, professional wrestler in the WWF & WCW
Goldberg: name: Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler, WCW Champion
Raven: name: Scott Levy, professional wrestler, former WCW Champion
Dean Malenko, professional wrestler, former WCW champion
Jon Lovitz - Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Critic)
Isaac Asimov - world famous sci-fi writer
Susanna Hoffs - Singer in the Bangles
DiDi Conn - Actress
Christine Lakin - Step by Step
Herman Wouk - Author of War and Rememberance and other great epic novels
Jason Alexander -- Actor (George Castanza on 'Seinfeld')
Joseph Gordon - Levitt - actor on rd Rock From The Sun
Bette Midler - Actress/Singer
Michael Landon - Little House On The Prairie (Eugene Orowitz - real name)
Paula Prentiss - actress Jewish?
Robert Redford - Actor.

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He just had no patience for formal academic learning.
In 1939 Salinger transferred to Columbia University where he was able to take an evening writing class taught by Whit Burnett, the editor of magazine.

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In the decades since Salinger has stopped publishing, a more balanced reading of his work has emerged--one that acknowledges the artistic value of much of his canon, his influence on the style and substance of other writers, and, above all, his place of honor among young readers who have continued to identify with the confusion and ideals of Holden Caulfield.Among post-World War II fiction writers, J.