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'It really is a remarkable, indeed a unique, piece of work: a mixture of poetry, history, mythology and topography that gives a full meaning to the concept of a literary celebration.'
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” CS&A’s media training was intense and very valuable. It is clear that they thoroughly understand the challenges of a live interview and how one comes across over broadcast media. The down-to-earth feedback was sometimes confrontational but just what we needed. “

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The first attempts to offer an overview of theknown history and archaeology of places associated with dream incubation.
Along the way Bob Trubshaw introduces ideas about the changing lifestyles and beliefs of the prehistoric people who built the monuments.

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Communism is evoked especially through tense situations from the bipolar period (ex. Missile Cuban Crisis), but there also is an emphasis on the tendency to legitimize Stalinism (presented in an ideal perspective, as a period of territorial and military expansion, of increase in the prestige and political and military role of the USSR, of ruling the populations within the USSR, etc.). The nostalgic tone used in the propaganda messages functions as an emotional semaphore that it is signaling in a code shared and understood by a large sympathetic audience, mainly former Red Army reservists (some of them with actual combat experience in Afghanistan or in the many conflicts that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union), former communist party officials (“nomenklatura”) and members and, to a lesser degree, Russian-speaker Ukrainians and Russian sympathizers. The obsessive recall of a hyperbolized shared past that is unable to prefigure a decent future highlights the fact that the disconnection from a unified historic path involves the dissolution of the future for the Ukrainians. This induced perception creates further anxiety that should block the dissociation from the dominant Russian influence and the beginning of a new chapter of a democratic and European Ukraine. Furthermore, the unpredictable future near a remorseful and uncomfortable neighbor is the main concept of a whole corpus of Russian propaganda.

The essays explore both historical and current day responses to wells, considering how they have changed.

Striking the Balance Between Continuity and Change

The countries with large populations and sufficient development to give them large economies in absolute size, as Russia used to have, are now China and India, which in 2005 were 2nd and 4th largest economies in the world in purchasing power parity.

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Continuing from where scholarship usually stops and using instead the approaches of storytelling, the final chapter weaves this wide variety of ideas together as a 'songline' for the Avebury landscape.