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You can do the same for astigmatism correction, though it only becomes relevant if the glasses astigmatism is at least -0.75 to -1 diopters (otherwise combine cylinder and spherical from the glasses prescription for the contact lens).

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So a -4.00 glasses prescription is roughly equal to a -3.75 contact lens prescription.

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If you are switching to a differential prescription for reduced close-up strain for the first time, the conversion adds a bit to the overall challenge of determining an ideal prescription for you. Not only do you need the reduction for close-up, but also considering the change from contact lenses to glasses. This is just one more reason to start with the instead of your existing lens prescription.

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The usefulness of those calculators are limited for many of you in the process of rehabilitating your eyesight. In most cases the question for the purpose of vision improvement goes in the opposite direction. You want to convert the other way around: from contact lenses to glasses – since for the most part, you want to be using glasses instead of contact lenses for close-up.

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