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The proposed Federal system for Solomon Islands received an overwhelming support from the all nine provinces.

This was the outcome of the Awareness program on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution held for over 11 weeks from May till September 2015.

The Provincial consultations were part of the Public Awareness on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution. Honiara was the first to hold its consultation and Western Province was the final provincial consultation to be held.

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Chantal Lovell is the former communications director for the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 (c

Opponents of constitutional reform tend to believe that changing the system of government is an unnecessary diversion from the Government's business of running the economy, providing public services and fighting crime.

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Some also believe that particular reforms could damage the fabric of the UK constitution, undermining the powers of Parliament and risking the future of the United Kingdom.

Chantal Lovell is Communications Director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a non-partisan, free market think tank.

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The fact that the U.S. Constitution has only been changed 27 times since 1787, which was almost 100 years before Thomas Edison turned on the lights, shows how stale and out-of-date a reference point it has become.

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Other countries, too, have a record of frequently changing or adopting new versions of their constitutions. In contrast, the constitution of the United States of 1787 seems to enjoy a sacredness only matched by some religious books.

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In other words, the rest of the living world has changed significantly. But, as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been quoted as saying approvingly, the U.S. Constitution is “not a living document. It’s dead, dead, dead.”

All this goes to say is: The United States urgently needs constitutional reform. What key changes would need to be made?

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“It’s almost equal to legalizing karoshi,” Akira Koike, secretariat head of the Japanese Communist Party, said on an NHK program Sunday morning. Other opposition parties have criticized the changes, too, with Yukio Edano, head of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, telling reporters in Osaka on Thursday that the CDP will seek to cooperate with other opposition parties, including the Democratic Party and Kibo no To (Party of Hope), to jointly submit their own version of work-style reform legislation to the Diet, according to domestic media reports.

The State of the Nation poll, published in 1995, showed high levels of public support for many constitutional reform proposals.

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The session will also play an important role in rebooting long-stalled debate on revising the nation’s postwar Constitution. The speed with which lawmakers discuss its revision over the months ahead will directly affect the odds of Japan’s first national referendum — a prerequisite for any constitutional amendment — taking place this year.

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The last change to the U.S. Constitution, the 27th Amendment, was approved in 1992. Hard though it may be to believe, it dealt with the oh-so critical issue of increases in salary for members of the U.S. Congress not taking effect until the term following the increase.