(Includes CD of freedom songs by the Chicago Children's Choir).

Written by a former SNCC field secretary, this essential book explores the complex and essential relationship between the widespread nonviolent protests that built political awareness and the armed self-defense against racist terrorism that made organizing the Southern Freedom Movement possible.

The African-American Struggle for Freedom, by Walter Dean Myers.

and the Sruggle for Freedom, by William Henry Chafe.


Explores the impact of the African American freedom struggle in one Mississippi county and a Supreme Court case defending the use of an economic boycott as a tool for social justice.

Conservatives Fight to Defend Internet Freedom ⋆ The …

Story of the courageous MCHR doctors, nurses, and health professionals who cared for the injured and struggled for justice and health-care equality during Freedom Summer, Selma, the anti-war movement, Chicago, Alcatraz, Wounded Knee, and elsewhere.

Focused on the two trainings for Freedom Summer volunteers held at Western College for Women.
His last statements on racism, poverty, justice, war, and the necessity of nonviolent revolution.

First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty - The Film

Eventually, close to 10,000 teachers are trained — most of them unpaid volunteers — and as many as 200 schools conduct classes in churches, kitchens, and beauty parlors, on front porches, and beneath shady trees in the summertime and around wood-burning stoves in the wintertime.

communists and non communists in the freedom fight

As the Freedom Movement heats up across the South, Tennessee authorities attempt to close down Highlander Center because of its support for integration and economic justice.

GUN WATCH: A Time to Fight for Freedom and the Constitution

An alternative assessment of the Chicago Freedom Movement by an activist that examines aspects beyond just the open housing anti-slum protests including the North Shore project, role of women, nonviolence training with youth, role of music, the lead poisoning campaign, etc.)