Is There Really a Conspiracy to Suppress Cancer Cures?

On the debunker side there is also stridency, name-calling, condescension, and far too much of the style that characterizes the “” societies. They are generally better than the conspiracy theorists at sticking to the facts and dealing with them, and have a far better command of the science than most conspiracy theorists. Some have even put forth gentlemanly efforts at doing their debunking. They have, almost to a person, failed to seriously consider or comprehend why so many people think the Moon landings may have been faked. Virtually without exception, they attribute it to paranoid lunacy, idiocy, greed, or dishonesty. Although those may all be aspects of various conspiracy theorists’ motivations, Americans are lied to by the power structure everyday, from all directions, and at some level many people realize it. What most debunkers have in common is being part of the scientific establishment, which in America usually means being part of the military-industrial complex, and few in that arena have avoided absorbing the ideological indoctrination that belonging to that establishment entails.

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The tobacco industry makes billions of dollars from selling a major cancer causing product. Furthermore, the government makes additional billions from taxes on tobacco products. If there was ever a case where money was going to hide the facts about a product then this would be it.

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The general story is that there is a conspiracy by the established medical industry to keep the cure for cancer hidden. This is the “cancer conspiracy” discussed on this page. The reasoning behind this theory typically goes like this:

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