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An abundance of people still say that the military and government has many questions they've yet to answer in relation to the Roswell crash. They claim there was an enormous conspiracy to cover up what really happened. Whatever it was that crashed that night left a trail of debris reaching almost a mile long and several hundred feet in width. First discovered by a local ranch manager, the debris was recovered by the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office with Major Jesse Marcel at the lead.

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the grand-daddy of UFO conspiracy events: the supposed Roswell UFO ..

Jacobsen’s source, a retired engineer from the former defence company EG&G, which handled the US government’s most sensitive projects, said he was put on to the Roswell project in Area 51 in 1978.

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What really happened on that warm July, Roswell night in 1947? Surely you have heard of the incident in Roswell New Mexico that has remained a controversy till this day. There is no question that something crashed to the ground that night, but there seems to be no hard drawn conclusion among the different theories. Was it a weather balloon or an alien UFO?

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She further relates how Kritschgau describes the complicated conspiracy to mislead Mulder to deflect scrutiny from the continued misdeeds of the military-industrial complex by convincing Mulder to go public with claims of alien life, and that Kritschgau further claims the same people engineered Scully's cancer.

The Roswell UFO Incident and the Government

This special project which was carried out in the California desert, was a part of magical ceremonies [black witchcraft] known as the 'Babylon Working', designed by Aleister Crowley, who died in 1947 [year of the alleged Roswell UFO crash and the implementation of the National Security Act]...

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The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical regional union of Canada, Mexico and the United States similar in structure to the European Union, sometimes including a common currency called the amero. Theorists who believe that the three countries are planning for this believe that it is part of a global conspiracy to set up something called the New World Order (NWO). Officials from all three nations have repeatedly denied that there are plans to create a NAU although the idea has been proposed in academic circles, either as a union or as a North American community as proposed by the Independent Task Force on North America. The amero received support in 1999 from Canadian economist Herbert Grubel, a senior fellow of the Fraser Institute think-tank, in a book entitled The Case for the Amero. Robert Pastor, vice-chairman of the Independent Task Force on North America, supported Grubel's conclusions in his 2001 book Toward a North American Community, stating that: "In the long term, the amero is in the best interests of all three countries".

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Was there a government cover up of a UFO or aliens in the Roswell crash? What exactly went on at Area 51? It isn't as widely known, but there were actually two crash sites. Did the government acknowledge the first, only to say it was a high tech weather balloon test that crashed, to divert attention away from a second and more important UFO crash site? Why if nothing went on is the crash site and Area 51 still in lock down after many decades. Don't believe everything you are told. Do your research and decide for yourself what really happened that night in Roswell.

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So, too, dummies were routinely dropped from balloons to test parachutes and were sometimes lost in the desert and disfigured in suggestive ways, their hands often missing a finger. A distinguishing characteristic of the aliens supposedly sighted near Roswell, the report notes, is four fingers.

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Mulder is looking through old newspapers for evidence of flying saucers and finds an article mentioning Arthur Dales in Roswell, New Mexico, in a story relating to baseball.