Asian values and the attraction of the Chinese model

With the return of basic utilities, Regency Tower immediately turned resources and manpower to the massive clean-up and repair efforts. On Tuesday, the Board organized a building-wide investigation into the damage sustained by individual units. Six teams, each comprised of a Board member and a volunteer resident, divided the building into sections and documented the visible damage found in every unit. Joe Anastasi, Barbara Verol, Bob Nagle, Eileen Bendis, Rafael and Ofelia Alleguez each teamed up with a Board member to evaluate our 203 units. The review revealed that dozens of non-compliant windows and shutters were torn out by the storm. While some of the impact rated windows broke, not one was shattered apart or penetrated. The impact windows performed as expected. They stopped the storm from entering protected units. Not surprisingly, the only units that experienced serious damage were those whose owners still hadn't installed impact rated windows. While some of the damage was caused by flying debris, the vast majority of the non-compliant windows and shutters were blown out by negative wind pressure. In one unit, however, the non-compliant windows were seemingly victimized by positive wind pressure. The windows were blown into the unit, causing instantaneous evacuation. The enormous pressure change collapsed two interior walls. In several units, sections of balcony railing were torn from their posts and some of the individual pikes were bent, apparently impacted by flying debris. Several units also suffered infiltration, often under balcony doors and around windows. A major source of infiltration resulted from the hurricane shutter tracks buried in the walls under windows. When weep holes in the tracks become clogged, they fill with water which eventually spills into the subfloor. The collected water builds up until it reaches the lowest levels of the unit’s floor (sometimes in the middle of the room), where it soaks into the padding underneath carpeting. Water then absorbed into the carpeting appears as random patches of wetness, seemingly unconnected to one another.

China’s Traditional Cultural Values

The cultural values of a country influence its national psychology and identity

China's Growth and Development: Assessing the Implications

Additional info will be made available as the planned replacement projects for the generator and cooling tower go forward. As future balcony tests are performed and evaluated, those results will also be posted. Projects for which reserves haven't been established – or are insufficiently (partially) funded – are subject to special assessment. Since these unavoidable expenses affect our family budgets, the Board will keep you informed about their impending implementation. Thank you for your attention to these issues,

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The subject of China's path to development is not only of paramount importance to all Chinese citizens and their leaders but is of profound significance to the entire world because of the many ecological, economics, politics and social consequences that will ensue from the decisions that are made in Beijing and throughout China. The point is central to all of my work on the environment and political theory: human values and politics lie at the root of the environmental crisis, and it is only when we recognize and call upon political theory for ideas to implement social change of our values as well as the social practices based upon them that the feared global environmental catastrophe can be averted and we can learn how a socially just and sustainable society can be created.

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