Confucianism returned as an orthodox state teaching.

Indeed, Mao enjoyed a renewed popularity from the late 1980s to the early 1990s amidst a wave of totalitarian nostalgia in China. Natural disasters, economic uncertainty, mass protests against corruption, and the subsequent Tiananmen Square crackdown, as well as the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, propelled the paranoid Chinese state to revive old cultural symbols, cults, and practices. As part of the post-Tiananmen campaign to inculcate a sense of positive nostalgia among the shocked and fatigued public, the state released old revolutionary films and classic revolutionary songs, and produced contemporary historical films featuring the founding fathers of the People's Republic.

Confucianism was the single most important thing in Chinese life.

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The Confucian view is based on the ancient Chinese tradition.

Since, as we know, Confucius did not talk about gods or spirits or the dead, and the principal content of the teaching of Confucius is clearly moral, social, and political, this interpretation is given a running start.

A Chinese man found Confucianism, but an Indian man found Buddhism.

That interpretation goes along with a program, motivated by the circumstances of Confucianism just considered, that has led many people to conclude that Confucianism was never a religion at all, either as we find it in Confucius or in the later tradition of the Literati.

Many who have studied Confucianism would say that it is not a religion.

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He also guided other people through prophets like Confucius, Buddha and Zoroaster.” His claim is based on the existence of common themes between Islamic and Confucian teachings....

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[8:22] But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.Few Christians are so unconcerned about burial of relatives, or Confucians about the service of spirits -- although there was disagreement about the nature of the Chinese .

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the practice of Confucianism was not entirely consistent with these principles of Confucius just expressed, his attitude did have a significant effect on the conduct of Chinese religion, where popular gods possessed less status in terms of politics and high culture than we see in most other civilizations.


POV provides historical information about China's economy, details on Chinese policies that make life difficult for migrants and analysis of how Confucian values are evolving in modern China.

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The reality of Heaven, however, does refute attempts to characterize Confucius as the sort of skeptical and positivistic "" who has become familiar in modern society.

Confucius's ideal society would live according to the ideals of the

The meaning of this, strongly endorsed by Confucius, first of all as propriety and manners, also extends to the rites and rituals of Confucian religion, particularly in the veneration of one's ancestors and the care of the family grave plot.


When studying Modern China a common thread of ethical, cultural, religious, political, social, and economic aspects can be analyzed in relationship to Confucianism and its affect on international relations.