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This 8-week evening course is designed for intermediate English language learners who want more practice using English in social and academic settings. You will learn and practice essential vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to increase your fluency, natural speech, and ease of expression. In class, you will discuss current events, develop cultural literacy, and practice both formal and informal language use.

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Fee: $700 ($675 for UIC members and returning students). Tuition includes all class materials.

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From this, you can see the great importance BCIS places on supporting non-native English speakers with their language studies. As students progress through school, the demands on their language skills increase exponentially. They will need to understand more and more complex ideas, and will need to be able to express themselves in an increasingly sophisticated way. In a Visual Arts exhibition, for instance, students are not just expected to produce creative works of art to show to their parents and peers, but also need to be able to stand by their work and explain their motivation, their method and whether they feel this was successful. This requires not only an eclectic vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structure, but also a strong confidence in English; a willingness and ability to express one’s ideas effectively. This why laying the foundation of English ability both in the ECC and Elementary School is of crucial importance.

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“Students receive ELL support through a combination of pullout lessons and in-class support. Pullout lessons are taught to small groups of students with similar needs. During these lessons, explicit language instruction is given in the context of what students are studying in their homerooms, allowing them to make connections with the grade-level curriculum. For example, if students need to learn about conjugating verbs in the past tense, this might occur through recount writing or another genre that the grade level is studying at that time. In-class support includes the ELL teacher working 1 to 1 with a student, in small groups, co-teaching with the homeroom teacher, or parallel teaching. Planning for both pullout and in-class lessons is in collaboration with the homeroom teachers.”

Fee: $700 ($675 for UIC members and returning students) Tuition includes all class materials.

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As part of our pedagogy, LoveKids teachers dramatize different components of the English paper, such as comprehension excerpts or a plot for composition. Likewise, students are also required to participate in a drama activity based on the lesson at the end of every class. Primary One students are eased into a fun and relaxing environment where drama is used to visualise and learn. This weekly exercise of creativity and exposure to performance allows them to grow in self-awareness and confidence.

Fee: $550 ($525 for UIC members and returning students) Tuition includes all class materials.

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EQ skills crucial to the holistic development of the child are incorporated within a Show and Tell structure. They learn how to acknowledge and engage a live audience while expressing themselves with confidence. Fellow classmates develop effective listening skills by being present and attentive to those presenting.

Fee: $600 ($575 for UIC members and returning students) Tuition includes all class materials.

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This 10-week evening course helps non-native speakers of English develop an effective public and personal speaking style for American social, business, and academic contexts. You will learn important pronunciation techniques, strategies, and language for effectively communicating information and opinions. This class includes guided practice and role-playing with individualized feedback and correction from your instructor to give you the tools to feel more confident in social and public speaking situations.

Grammaticalprescriptiveness and translation were invited in classwork and testing as well.

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Good composition writing requires good sequence, vocabulary and a flair for writing. Through our “Confidence for English” primary one classes, students have the rules of composition at their fingertips and approach composition writing with creativity and confidence.