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What does this mean? It means that at the lower level of service, routine home care, hospice agencies provide routine nursing visits 1-3 times per week, aide visits 1-5 times per week, and a social worker visit occasionally as needed, and so on. If the caregiver is exhausted from caring for the patient, the hospice can take the patient into a hospice facility and provide respite care for about five days. If the patient develops extreme symptoms out-of-control, then the hospice can provide more intensive services.

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Definition of uncompassionate - not showing compassion or sympathy for other people
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The revised UAGA empowers 15 ½ year old persons (in some states, 14 year old persons) to sign to be an organ donor when they apply for a learner's permit to drive. This is a time when a teenager might be easily intimidated. Parents can override a minor child's refusal to be a donor prior to age 18. What is the purpose of permitting a child to sign or refuse to give an anatomical gift if it can be overridden? What does it mean, "if a parent is reasonably available?" Do you think the search for a parent will be as diligent when a child has consented to be a donor as the search for a parent of a child who has refused to be a donor?

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If the employee scrapes some money together or gets an attorney to take it on a contingency basis, it will likely be a year or more before any ruling in the case. Why? The standard tactic is for the agency to delay, delay, and delay until the employee's funds run out or they tire and want to settle for a small amount. If they hang in there and even win in court, what happens then? The corporation may appeal to higher courts, which could literally involve years, with the attorneys stalling with all sorts of delays created by the agency's attorneys. Meanwhile, the worker still does not have their former job, and other agencies may decide they don't want a troublemaker in their midst. In other words, the worker is "blackballed." It happens.

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It's getting quite in-your-face and obvious what they intend to do. Even if there is all this talk of compassionate care, it's "comfort care" combined with rationing care, and that doesn't always mean clinically-appropriate end-of-life care as we would expect. Paul Krugman, Ezekiel Emmanuel, MD, PhD, many other physicians and some politicians have openly told us what to expect.

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It can't get clearer than that. The goal is to link databases together. State health information exchanges become that follow a person wherever they are in the country. State "enhanced" ID cards become national ID cards because they will be recognized nationwide. "Whoa!" I can hear you saying to yourself right now! "This guy's gone off the deep end?" "This is too much!" But these are just the facts. There is no wild "conspiracy theory." This is what is already happening. Big government, big corporations, together controlling what happens to individuals in our society. What really is "corporatism" or "corporate fascism?" It meant one thing years ago in Italy and Germany during WW II, but for our discussion, it can mean the control of government by the very powerful and ultra-rich; today that means the corporations. It's a type of fascism that does not involve nationalism.

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We need to re-affirm the value of the family, with a father and mother, as research shows the children do best when they live within a traditional family (political correctness does not negate this truth!). Winston Churchill said, "." It is certain that the family meant by Churchill as an ideal to aim for was the traditional family, not a kaleidoscope arrangement so prevalent in our disintegrating society. And what the utilitarian socialists have so successfully attacked for several decades are the traditional Judeo-Christian family and values. Their idea of what is good or virtuous is the opposite of traditional American society's values.