What do the differences between Hobbes and Locke amount to?

This circumstance has continued in the source books I have used for my class, where both Hobbes and Locke are featured but where selections of Locke's works never include any of his political writing.

Was Hobbes that influential a thinker and Locke of no significance?

How could Hobbes now then be getting all the attention and Locke little or none?

Compare Descartes to Hobbes' , showing similarities and differences.

Instead, the very existence of Civil Society is anathema, and, again, Hobbes can be attacked for a characteristic of his theory that is actually more properly and naturally a feature of a liberal theory like Locke's.

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So of any political significance liked Hobbes, while Locke provided the theory both for British government after the Glorious Revolution and for American government after the American Revolution.

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