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Block pattern is also known as "subject-by-subject comparison". According to this pattern, you will be required to separate the body of your compare and contrast essay in two parts.

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The setting in the movie differs from the setting in the short story in a few ways....
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Gilgamesh met an old man named Utnapishtim, who told him the following story. The gods came to Utnapishtim to warn him about a terrible flood that was coming. They instructed Utnapishtim to destroy his house and build a large ship. The ship was to be 10 dozen cubits high, wide and long. Utnapishtim was to cover the ship with pitch. He was supposed to take male and female animals of all kinds, his wife and family, provisions, etc. into the ship. Once ship was completed the rain began falling intensely. The rain fell for six days and nights. Finally things calmed and the ship settled on the top of Mount Nisir. After the ship had rested for seven days Utnapishtim let loose a dove. Since the land had not dried the dove returned. Next he sent a swallow which also returned. Later he let loose a raven which never returned since the ground had dried. Utnapishtim then left the ship.

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There are similarities in the setting of each work, and the between the two societies in which the stories take place, as well as more important differences between the main characters.

The withered arm is a short story about a milkmaid who had an affair with a high class farmer.
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A couple of these comparisons will be discussing the history of each man and show the influence their deaths played on the two individual religions each one is associated with....

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Shelley's shift in point of view allows for direct comparison and contrast between the characters, as the reader hears their stories through the use of first person....

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The main focus of this paper is a sound and authentic comparison and contrast between the two well known and highly renowned fiction stories, ?The Lottery? by Shirley Jackson and ?The Destructors? by Graham Greene. The former is the story about the people of a town adhering to their old norms, outdated traditions, ideas, rules, laws, and practices. The later themes at a teenage boy gang that were directed to destroy and demolish an old man?s house.

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To write a compare/contrast essay, you’ll need to make NEW connections and/or express NEW differences between two things. The key word here…is NEW!

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Both the authors have conveyed their stories in a real-touch mode and easy comprehension. The reader just feels for a moment that as he has been himself the part of that story. One just starts getting into the whole scenario and feels it interesting and suspensive at the same time. The authors have assisted their thoughts with the well assumed characters like Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves, the main characters, in the ?The Lottery? and Mr. Trevor and Mr. Thomas, the main characters, in ?The Destructors?. Both the authors have developed a whole prerequisite scenario first in a superb and fabulous way and then just got that fit into a fabulous story which makes it more interesting, suspensive and touchy.

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There were many minor differences, but the three main topics in the short story that clearly differentiate it from the movie are the setting, the character traits, and the use of humor.