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Original short films by UCR students, faculty and alumni, featuring one departmentally produced film, The Same Old Line written by Kirin McCrory and directed by Stephanie Ghiya. Through mundane moments in Evie’s life, this philosophical short film examines the complexities of functioning as a female in the 21st century. The same roster of films is presented each evening.

Stage vs. Screen: What’s the Big Difference?

12 Gay McAuley "Freedom and Constraint: Reflections on Aspects of Film and Theatre", AULLA XXII Proceedings (Canberra: Australian National University, 1984), p.216.

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20/02/2018 · Comparing Theatre and Film essays"Actors, never feel your bodies, make your bodies feel you." This quote comes from one …

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I do about 75% Film and 25% Theatre in my acting work. Since I have experience in both environments, I decided to write a comparison for the benefit of other actors.

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