Sparta and Athens were formed in two different ways.

(1) He was not an overt enemy of the democracy, which we can infer from his friendship with Chairephon; (2) he was not an sympathizer of the Spartans, which we can infer from his non-cooperation with the Thirty Tyrants; but (3) he did criticize the democracy as not, in effect, observing the rule of law, which was a perfectly apt criticism, and the basis of all subsequent efforts to create "responsible" or democratic government.

In 405 both the Athenian and Spartan fleets came into the Straits.

Sparta and Athens are alike in few ways one was is in there class of social groups.
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The Spartans defeated Athens and occupied the city in 404.

The "archons" referred to were the crew of the starship , which had been captured and the crew "absorbed" by the mind-controlling, totalitarian regime of a planet ruled by a computer impersonating an ancient legislator named "Landru" (rather like Sparta's Lycurgus).

But the Spartans left Athens, and the hated Thirty were overthrown.

The "Ten Years" or "Archidamian" War, 431-421, had ended in the aftermath of the Athenians trapping and capturing a force of Spartans on the island of Sphacteria, near the Homeric city of Pylos, in 425.

The people of Athens did not have much say in their government like the people of Sparta did....
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The Women of Athens Compared to the women of Sparta

In the end, philosophy made the fortune of Athens, which essentially became the University Town of the Roman Empire (only Alexandria came close as a center of learning); but even Sparta's army eventually failed her, as Spartan hegemony was destroyed at the battle of Leuctra in 371 by the brilliant Theban general Epaminondas, , who killed a king, Cleombrotus, for the first time since King Leonidas was killed by the Persians at Thermopylae in 480.

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Socrates would have found few takers for his conversation at Sparta -- and it is hard to imagine the city tolerating his questions for anything like the thirty or more years that Athens did.

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Restrictions were placed on the social and domestic actions of many aristocratic women in ancient Athens. The women depicted in Homer's Odyssey, on the other hand, are the ideal. Penelope, Clytaemestra, Athena, and Helen are all women with exceptional liberty and power. Before comparing the women of the Odyssey to those of Athens, it is beneficial to take a look into the lives of the latter. A respected woman was to have characteristics including obedience, virtue, refinement, productivity, honor, beauty, talent and intelligence (social consciousness). Sarah B....

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A melancholy instance of this Spanish name can be found with Father Florencio Ibañez, who is buried in the floor of the ruined church of the isolated and wind-swept in the Salinas Valley of .

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a pass with hot springs), killing King Leonidas of himself (fuliflling a prophecy of Delphi that either Sparta, or a King of Sparta, must fall), they rolled all but unmolested into Athens, where the wooden walls of the Acropolis were simply set on fire, and all the defenders killed.