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Our understanding of the universe has changed over time. Different civilisations have created different models to explain what the universe is and how the universe began. The Greek astronomer Ptolemy (c90-168AD) used measurements of the sky to create his geocentric model. This had the earth at the centre and all the planets and the sun orbiting around it.

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At a certain level (rocks corresponding to the “Pre Cambrian Era”) the geologic layers contain almost no fossils. The few that exist are those from cellular and multicellular creatures such as algae or bacteria. Suddenly, in the next higher layer (corresponding to the “Cambrian Period”) sophisticated, fully formed fossils appear. These varied creatures include Trilobites, brachiopods, gastropods, bivalves, crinoids, graptolites, sponges, and segmented worms. This sudden appearance of so many fully developed life forms can not be explained using the theory of evolution and the slow-working mcroevolution model. Too many different creatures appear fully developed, too suddenly.

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Dave..Thanks for the reply..Well, I believe I haven’t explained it in a proper way. Let me put in this way. I just need to automate the tool so that it can compare different set of universes at a time i.e I want to compare A to B and C to D and so on..(A and B are same universes but residing in Development and Prod Servers).
I would like to compare ‘n’(A-B, C-D, …) DIFFERENT set of universes at a time. May be I can make use of a batch script(Unix) to call this tool providing all the credentials in the script itself. So that it need not authenticate each and every time. Its just a thought..Don’t know whether I am correct or not. Correct me if am wrong. Any help would be really great. Thanks.

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praveen, there is code in place to compare the incompatibility settings but it’s turned off by default. When I ran it against one of my larger universes it blew out the row limit on Excel. If you have a small universe, you can follow the instructions in the “read me” to activate the compare for that element.

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There are two steps. First you have to collect the information, that’s done by adjusting the value in column C. Next you have to specify which attributes you want to compare, which is done in column I. Columns F through L contain information that is used to know what all of the attributes are for each element being collected, and then which of those attributes can be compared across two versions of a universe. All of the incompatibility information is marked as “N” for compare options.

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The point of discussion here is whether the layers were deposited over vast geological times or over a relatively quick period. Steve Austin investigated the Mount St. Helens eruption, which produced a small scale version of the Grand Canyon. He showed that thousands of layers were deposited over a number of rather than being laid down gradually over long (4.5 billion years) geologic ages. We are not stating that this proves that the layers of the earth’s surface were laid down quickly. We are stating that ample evidence exists that the layers of the earth could be produced quickly by a geologic catastrophe like the flood in the Bible. Since neither model can prove itself in this area, we will award a “tie” to the creation and evolution models.

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This tool could be very helpful in getting to the bottom of an issue at a client site. Client suddenly started to see the error message “Keydate Properties – Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. (Error: INF)” when refreshing reports from Infoview (refreshing in edit mode works fine). We have an old copy of the universe from a few months back and we do not experience this issue with this older copy, hence the need to compare universes.

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1. I ran your tool to compare 2 universes: The After Conditions tab shows a new condition was added in the after universe, but it did not show up in my Change Log. What would be the reason that it is not captured in my change log? I did get the “Done” dialog box so it executed successfully
2. I would like to use this tool to compare universe in XI3.1 against the upgraded BI4.1 universe – Do you have a version of this tool that will allow login’s into Designer and Universe Design Tool?

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I have a universe that takes a very long time to open just thru Designer itself (reasons for that are a discussion that is out of scope here). When opening this universe in the compare tool, it takes so long that Excel begins to complain with an error that says “Microsoft Excel is waiting on another application to complete an OLE action”.