The samurai were roughly the equivalent of feudal knights.

Their code or “ Way of the warrior”, bushido(History of the Samurai-www),called for a life of duty, discipline and self control, on and as well as off the battlefield (History of the World-Houghton Mifflin Company- Boston288).

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It is a tradition found in the Samurai, the loyal and self-sacrificing knight of ancient Japan.

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Where else in the world could you find, under one roof and for sale, such incredible unique artefacts as the largest selection of original, ancient and vintage samurai edged weapons in Europe [if not the world], an original leaf from Macrobius's "In Somnium Scipionis Exposito" printed in 1472 by Nicolas Jensen, [a student of Gutenberg] who is regarded as one of the three greatest master printers of all time.

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A member of a warrior family who does not learn to use weapons and understand the specific advantages of each weapon would seem to be somewhat uncultivated.’ European knights and Japanese samurai have some interesting similarities.

One of the main similarities between the Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven is the plot....
Knights were not as well educated as the samurai, who had some education and sometimes worked as government officials.

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Throughout the centuries dominated by many different shoguns (military leaders) and daimyos (ruling families), the samurai evolved from servants to military rulers (similar to hoe the medieval knight rose in status).

Samurai that tossed and turned at night were cured of the habit by having two knives placed on either side of their pillow.

How did a samurai's Bushido compare/contrast to a knight's Chivalry?

Thus, the knight of Europe and the samurai of Japan despite a lack of contact with one another shared several common elements.

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