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The themes we will address include many topics that are at the cutting edge of contemporary discussions within international criminal law that could be usefully further developed to widen both the scope and rationale of this academic subject, not least by developing additional contextual and institutional dimensions. These range from the importance of regional and institutional responses to hybrid wars and piracy, to the recovery and identification of underlying historical paradigms underpinning different interpretive agendas within transnational criminal law. In addition, the conference will explore different case studies involving the limitations of transnational tribunals and associated enforcement mechanism, including in relation to plea-bargaining, the Katyn massacre and the ICC, as well as issues associated with coming to terms with landmark developments such as the Nuremberg trials.

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In more formal terms, The American Society of Comparative Law, Inc. (originally incorporated as the American Association for the Comparative Study of Law, Inc.), is an organization of institutional and individual members devoted to study, research, and write on foreign and comparative law as well as private international law. The ASCL’s purposes, as set forth in 1951 in its original certificate of incorporation, are “to promote the comparative study of law and the understanding of foreign legal systems; to establish, maintain and publish without a profit a comparative law journal; and to provide for research and the publication without profit of writings, books, papers and pamphlets relating to comparative, foreign or private international law.” A nonprofit corporation, the ASCL welcomes gifts for any of its purposes, including support of The American Journal of Comparative Law.

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The Society publishes , the outstanding American publication of scholarship on comparative law. It holds annual meetings at which comparative law scholars present research and critically examine important legal issues from a comparative perspective. In addition, it provides support to both in the United States and internationally that deal with comparative law. Each year, the Society’s Yntema Prize recognizes exceptional publications on comparative law by younger scholars. The Society also promotes the exchange of information and opinion among students of comparative law through its website.

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International and Comparative aspects of responding to War Crimes: Through Law and Alternative Mechanisms

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This workshop is a continuation of the workshop series organised by the Lancashire Law School's new Institute for International and Comparative Law. The Workshop will address a number of related and distinct International and comparative aspects of war crimes trials, legal policy developments, and will evaluate extra-legal responses using examples of case studies.

A workshop on Transnational Security and Human Rights hosted by the Institute of International and Comparative Law

In more formal terms, The American Society of Comparative Law, Inc

13 May 2015 'Chinese legal reforms and rule of law' - Conference Brochure available The Institute for International and Comparative Law Centre will be publishing the May conference papers either as a special issue of an international refereed journal or as an edited book to be published by a prestigious international publisher. September 2015 'International Criminal Trials: Historical Paradigms and Contemporary Dimensions'

Juvenile Justice Initiaitve is offering a day long Juvenile Justice Comparative Law training for 6 professional responsibility credits!

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The Institute for International and Comparative Law produces research of doctrinal, interdisciplinary and policy-related types. It also engages in the world of law, law enforcement and policy outside academia, including consultancy work. UCLan’s Law department is internationally-recognised and the institute enables members to contribute further to international legal scholarship and to provide consultancy and advice to governments, international organisations and NGOs on questions of international law.

Our members contribute to the teaching of Undergraduate and Master’s courses in the Law School, and the supervisor of doctoral students.