Common law doctrines and characteristics

This is a tax-oriented planning course, including discussion of federal estate and gift tax, income taxation of estates and trusts, and techniques for transferring property of a minimal tax cost both during life and at death. Grade will be based on the preparation of one or more projects.

Credit Hour: 1-4
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An advanced course requiring the completion of a research paper or fieldwork project in the area of energy and sustainable development in the LL.M. Program.

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Despite its attractions, the ‘underlying principles’account faces three major difficulties: (i) the scope ofdistinguishing; (ii) accounting for the role played byrationes; and (iii) maintaining the distinction betweenprecedent and analogy. The initial difficulty arises from the factthat distinguishing is not restricted to the application of thejustification provided by the earlier decision. Any good argument canprovide the basis for distinguishing, for example by showing that thenovel facts in the later case provide considerations whichoutweigh the original justification: it is not that theoriginal justification is inapplicable to the novel facts, it issimply that those facts raise additional considerations that are morecompelling. So later courts go beyond what was done in the earlierdecision in determining whether to distinguish the later case.

1. Introduction — the Australian context. The confluence of property ownership (particularly the family home), old age, mental illness and mental incapacity raise important questions about the law of mortgages and the Australian common law contractual doctrine dealing with mental incapacity.
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A basic course on the law of persons and the family which first views the effect and application of laws, to examine the legal norms affecting civil personality, marriage, property relations between husband and wife, legal separation, the matrimonial regimes of absolute community, conjugal partnership of gains, and complete separation of property; paternity and filiation, adoption, guardianship, support, parental authority, surnames, absence and emancipation, including the rules of procedure relative to the foregoing.

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This course provides students with an in-depth exploration of methods and sources for researching tax issues. The course provides students an opportunity to gain experience in using tax research tools. While primarily applicable to tax research, the knowledge gained by students will be helpful in future practice, regardless of practice area. Grades will be based on written assignments to be completed throughout the semester and one final project.

Credit Hour: 1-2

Issues from Hume's Predecessors

581 - Native American Law (2 hours)*
This course deals with legal protections for tribal sovereignty, the enforcement of the trust responsibility, the protection of land and natural resources, federal recognition, gaming and financing of tribal projects. This field of law supports a vibrant legal practice for attorneys in a complex regulatory environment.
* This course may be offered for 3 hours during some years.