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In other words, Americans a century ago looked at the same colors, saw them completely differently than we do today and slotted them in differently to their cultural stereotypes.

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5. Babies – This is usually the same story as weddings. To capture a classic moment with your child that does not look dated in several years, black and white gives the best effect. Again, certain details are best captured in color, especially if you want to give a sense of the gender of the baby.

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The fascinating thing is how slippery the color-gender link is. It seems so hard-wired, but the link between pink and femininity may be just a cultural construct.

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While John was a boy it is thought that perhaps he has the wrong gender: he prefers to wear dresses and really likes the color pink.

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15/03/2011 · From the day that babies are brought home and cradled in their pink or blue blankets, implications have been made about gender and color

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Why are pink and blue associated with gender? How do color stereotypes affect us? Aleksandar Macasev continues his series on Why that Color?

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