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The Early Modern period also witnessed the vast (mostly eastward) expansion of Russia. Russian colonialism was of the traditional kind, however, in which a state simply expands its borders (rather than acquiring overseas territory).

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This study centers women in the colonial experience by investigating colonial law, sexuality, marriage, bridewealth, female genital cutting, and mission education as ways of understanding changing ideas about female identity and womanhood in Kenya.

Colonialism, Colonization: Roman Perspectives ..

A concise overview of research on African women’s history, with the growing body of work that places women’s experiences at the center, so that marriage and reproductive concerns, women’s work, and political activism are the starting point of understanding social change under colonialism.

This event proved one of the most far reaching in its effects of any occurring in the colonial period.

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- His narrative poem, "Florante at Laura," written in sublime Tagalog, is about tyranny in Albanya, but it is also perceived to be about the tyranny in his Filipino homeland.
Philippine Literature During The Spanish Colonial Period
It is known that the Spanish were able to colonize of the Philippines started in 1565, during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who was the first Spanish governor-general in the Philippines.

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At the end of formal humanism and philosophic renunciation, there is Hitler” (Cesaire 1955). Cesaire believed that colonialism originates from imperialism, which results from capitalism as a system of complete world order....

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Even though these political ethnic groups subsisted afore the colonial period, the racist dogma of the Europeans flooded their borders, had extensive ramifications, and finally proliferated a sense of a superior race.

By the end of the colonial period, 30,000 people,representing many languages, creeds, and trades, lived there.

The history of the United States is a history of settler colonialism.

This essay illuminates colonialism as a major contributor to the social marginalisation and low socioeconomic status experienced by indigenous Australian.

In this paper I shall investigate the role of colonialism in deepening and further entrenching the political system of military regimes in Burma.

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As noted above, colonial settlement occurred primarily in the Americas. The rate of European immigration grew steadily throughout the Early Modern period, peaking in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This was due both to massive European population growth resulting from industrialized food production, as well as the rise of of steam-powered transportation (steamships and trains). Yet colonial settlement was heavily lopsided; most immigrants chose to settle in British territory, as opposed to New France or Latin America.

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The term "colonialism" is often used synonymously with "imperialism": the imposition of a state's will upon external territory. Yet "colonialism" is derived from the word "colony"; thus, strictly speaking, colonialism is a form of imperialism in which a state settles territory outside its borders.