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While the landscape might seem intimidating at first, your student aid strategy is simple. First and foremost: Apply for Federal Financial Aid using the standardized (FAFSA). Information you provide on your FAFSA helps tabulate the cost of your education, and estimates your ability to pay for college.

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Students are encouraged to apply for the many scholarships available through the University and those established by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, outside agencies, and individuals. Scholarship services and counseling are available through the Office of Enrollment and Student Services.

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Access to the College’s e-mail and similar electronic communication systems remains a privilege extended to current employees, students, and affiliates in good standing. The privilege of access ends with the termination of employment, the failure to re-enroll in a College educational program, or disciplinary sanctions. This definition includes unauthorized access based on previous standing with the College.

provide critical funding for newly enrolled students, and for those women who are returning to college to complete a degree program.

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States work with colleges and universities, alongside the , to provide a blend of financial assistance for students at all levels. Grants, scholarships and loans originate from within you state, as well as work-study opportunities that allow you to earn as you learn.

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The category offers fun and valuable tips students can apply to help with the new responsibilities associated with being a college student. The section covers how to achieve, good grades, enjoying the college social scene, financial management, , studying tips, health and more.

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Students are not under the College’s control when not on the College’s property or when such students are not participating in a College-sponsored activity. The College assumes no responsibility for the off-campus activities or its students’ personal conduct. Students who break the law risk the related consequences of so doing. The College may, however, take disciplinary action against students whose conduct at a non-college-sponsored event poses a serious and substantial danger to any student.

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Students pursuing high-need fields of study, like nursing, teaching and STEM subjects may get assistance from state governments. and are issued by states, in return for service obligations that require participants to work in under-served areas. By committing to work as a teacher or nurse within your state, for a period of two to four years, you might receive tuition abatement that amounts to a free ride through college. If you don’t follow through on your end of the service agreement, your grant becomes a loan that you must repay-with interest.

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State-funded grants for minorities promote educational diversity and increase access to college for traditionally under-represented groups. —African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American students—target specific groups needing college cash. For example, disburses funds to second, third and fourth-year minority students pursuing college degrees or vocational training.

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States issue need-based grants to students who need help paying for school. If your EFC is low, and your federal financial aid doesn’t cover your tuition, state grants boost your college fund when you need it most. For instance, provides state grants to low and moderate income students, with nearly 80% of funds distributed to students with family incomes below 50K/year.