and financial protections for college athletes

“The incentives to overuse players and the stark disparity between coaches and players will remain,” in spite of recent baby steps by the NCAA, Siegfried says. Instead, the researchers argue, schools should compensate student-athletes according to the value they provide the university.

College Athletes Challenge NCAA Compensation Rules

that student-athletes might receive financial compensation in the future or be ..

College Athletes Challenge NCAA Compensation ..

The researchers envision an arrangement where student athletes receive labor law protections, competitive compensation and more thorough medical coverage. That doesn’t mean every player would earn a wage—it just means that their compensation would more fairly reflect their value on the open market. This will require more subsidies from the school’s general fund and force university leadership to have soul-searching conversations about how much the school is ultimately willing to charge its student body to subsidize its intercollegiate sports program. It will also create Title IX implications, as there are far fewer women in revenue-generating college sports than men. Whatever happens, the researchers write, “It seems unlikely that the landscape of big-time commercialized intercollegiate athletics 10 years from now will resemble today’s incarnation, or anything seen in the last half-century.”

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And, they say, the shift is likely inevitable anyway. Three high-profile cases centering on athlete compensation are working their way toward resolution, and any one of them could change the game forever.

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College athletes are not getting paid which is a problem to consider, and the general public as well as universities do have the funds to make that possible....

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The NCAA does not want to pay the athletes beyond scholarships, and it would be tough to work a new compensation program into their budget and the budgets of the universities....

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