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Asked about her own assessment of the controversy, she said, "I don't think outrage is the word. I think a bit of surprise is the more appropriate way to put it."

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Asked to assess effects of the controversy, Rafshoon said, "I think it'll be all right. It shows he's not sanctimonious. He's human about his religious beliefs. He forgives sinners like you."

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Mrs. Mark King, national chairman of Carter's 51.3% Committee, said Carter was "simply saying that his standards would not affect the way he sees others."

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"Playboy has high journalistic standards," Miss Rainwater said. "They've done interviews with all types of people. They also have one of the largest readerships, so you can't deny that there's a constituency there."


Asked about public reaction to the interview, Powell said the reactions "are much better expressed by an official member of the campaign family than a staffer."

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Elsewhere in the interview, the Democratic presidential nominee used expressions termed mildly earthy in explaining his religious views toward sex and sin.

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The quote continued: "I've committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something God recognizes I will do -- and I have done it -- and God forgives me for it."

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He said the Carter camp plans no polls to determine possible damage to Carter's candidacy, nor are state campaign chairmen being asked about possible damage. Powell said of the interview, "It does lay forward quite candidly an expression of his views, particularly of the problem of pride."

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Carter Press Secretary Jody Powell, asked about the language used in the article, said, "We have had a president who expressed himself in much more earthy terms."

Goalless draw vs. Porto sealed 5-0 aggregate win

She said her office had received no calls from outraged citizens. "As a matter of fact," she said, "I was beginning to think people were not reading the paper."

Don't ask Russ about the last time OKC missed the playoffs

Mrs. Dot Padgett, Georgia coordinator of the Carter campaign, said, "Initially, I think the people were a bit shocked. But some of the Georgia people I've talked to feel that if you read the article, he's just being candid."