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Right at the beginning of his paperhe noted that it was "frankly a propagandist tract—a defence of the thesisthat traditional liberalism offers, at once the best escape from the moralconfusion of current political and economic thought and the best basisor rationale for a program of economic reconstruction." The idea was torestore competition and make it possible for the market system to functionas had been envisioned by the classical economists.

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By investment, classical economists mean capital generation, so I doubt it!

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It is a similar case with the aggregate demand and supply, say the classical theorists.

Capital Markets
In the beautiful free world of classical economics, no human intervention is required to lead the capital markets to equilibrium as well.

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As for the instruments of economic management, the post-Keynesianapproach retains the Keynesian emphasis on fiscal policy, but rejects thecompromise position built into the neo-classical synthesis with respectto monetary policy.

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Neo-classical economics, however,preserved the notion of capital as a distinct and separate factor of production,no small matter when it comes to discussing the legitimacy of its owners’claims to a share of the resulting total output which it helps to create.

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They then chart a real aggregate expenditures line, an aggregated amount of all the macroeconomic sector expenditures (Household Consumption, Investment, Government Spending, etc.), and capture the effective demand.

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Much of the new theory of macro-economics that has been built upon micro-economic models of imperfect information leads to conclusions which are surprisingly close in spirit to Keynes' original analysis. This paper summarizes the macro-economic implications of information-based models of efficiency wages, credit-rationing and the breakdown of financial markets for equity-type securities. It shows how these models lead to behavior by firms and interactions among economic agents that account for many of the phenomena identified by Keynes in qualitative terms which were largely lost in subsequent formalizations of the Keynesian model. These imperfect information macro-models provide consistent theoretical explanations in the Keynesian spirit in unemployment, investment concentrated business cycles, rigid prices and the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy interventions. In doing so, they reconcile macro and micro-economic analysis in a way that has so far been achieved neither by the traditional Keynesians, who assumed away the micro-dimension of the problem, nor by the new classical economists who assumed away the macro-dimension of the problem.

However, classical economists argue that what happens to the savings that started the whole chain is the key solution here.

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A key element of the ‘Keynesian revolution’ was its demonstration that these basic assumptions are false, both in theory and practice, and its assertion that, therefore, the most appropriate government macro-economic policy is to view the whole economy as if it were a single huge business enterprise which needs to be managed as one....

In the long run we are all dead.

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If the Depression of the 1930s had brought about the collapse of confidencein the idea of a self-regulating free-enterprise economy, paving the wayfor acceptance of the Keynesian macro-economic theory, it was appropriatefor a critic of that policy to look at the experience which had given riseto it.