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Other intelligence work involves black women working as domestics. The story of [PDF], less well-documented than Tubman’s but no less intriguing, is a fascinating tale of a brilliant woman who worked with an urban spy ring in the Confederate capital said to be “the most productive espionage operation” in the Civil War.

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The American Civil War was a civil war that was fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865

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If not for Allan Pinkerton, the Confederacy wouldn't have lost its most valuable spy, and the Union might not have won the Civil War.
Two of the major secret agent unions that existed during the Civil War were The Secret Sevice Bureau, which was the official name of the Confederate's espionage bureau, and the Pinkerton Detective Agency, the Union's main detective agency, founded Allan Pinkerton.

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The Carbine version of the Sharps was very popular with the cavalry of both the Union and Confederate armies and was issued in much larger numbers than the full length rifle.

The falling block action lent itself to conversion to the new metallic cartridges developed in the late 1860s, and many of these converted carbines in .50-70 Gov't were used during the Indian Wars in the decades immediately following the Civil War.

The 1990 western film, "Quigley Down Under", starring Tom Selleck, featured the Sharps Rifle.

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hello and peace unto you. I enjoyed reading this share, for I am a Girl Raised In The South aka GRITS! Living in this confederate state, where tradition runs deep. In my experience, not many in this area seriously entertain some of these facts you share. I believe in the honorable actions of the women of color during the Civil War! Honor being, taking pride in one’s work and doing a great job inspire of the challenges and restrictions! Having historical records would be wonderful but in their absence, women such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Ms Maya Angelou and Ms Condeeleza Rice provide real visual confirmation of where I come from and where women are headed.

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I am putting together a bio. to honor the veterans in the church.. well it’s several sisters in the church that are retired veterans, so my approach was to start from the very start of African American serving in the civil war. I felt that it would be very unfair not to high light the untold dedication of the African American ladies that served in silent. It’s very unfortunate that we do not have many documents to support the dedication of the ladies that served unofficial, however; the strength of the black is male is very much present through the African American female.

Hari Jones, curator and assistant director of the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C.,…

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In fact, Southern black women operating as spies, scouts, couriers and guides were willing and able to offer enormous support to Union military personnel and operations. With a deep devotion to a war which they pushed to be one of emancipation, and often relying upon Southern prejudices which ignored the intelligence of black women, they were able to provide invaluable covert assistance to the Union military.

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Believe it or not, spies were sent out from the North and South during the Civil War to help provide information “behind the lines.” Spies supporting the North were called, Union Spies.


After the war, the brave exploits of these black women spies were , whether from prejudice, loss of records or desire for anonymity. They certainly don’t need to remain hidden any longer.