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Southernerswere sickened to see old estates sold to outside investors and largeplantations subdivided in land auctions. The assassination of Abraham Lincolnput thewiththeir abolitionist friends in charge of Reconstruction. Planters feared thesepoliticians more than the occupying Union troops who could prevent a race war.

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Florida supported the South in the Civil War followed by the turmoil of the Era of Reconstruction.

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Johnson and the U.S. Congress clashed over Reconstruction policy. Congress wanted full citizenship and civil rights for freedmen, while Johnson did not. Congressional Republicans overrode Johnson's veto to pass Reconstruction acts, which placed the southern states, except Tennessee, under military control, disfranchised many former Confederates, and required states to revise their constitutions to enfranchise freedmen. When these states were reorganized under their new constitutions, they were required to ratify the 14th Amendment, which would allow them to regain their seats in Congress. North Carolina ratified the 14th Amendment on July 4, 1868 and was readmitted to the Union.

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The Southwaited the new President's actions and discovered that was determined to preserve the and tomaintain, if only for symbolic status, whatever Federal sites were left in theSouth. The firing on Union supplies atin official placed the North and theSouth in a Civil War. It was almost a relief to leaders to know the fate of theConfederacy. left the Union and asrichest and largest Confederate state got the capital switched to .

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The goal of the Radical Republicans was to assure that the Civil Warmeant permanent change in the South and national politics. This would beaccomplished, it was thought, by the creation of a Southern Republican Party,dominated by moderate whites and African-Americans; and by providing politicaland economic power to the former slave.

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Everyonefrom planter to slave felt the impact of the Civil War. Despite the fears thatslaves would rebel, most slaves remained on the plantation, often assuming allroles of field and barn management. While many slaves headed to to join the Union Army, others were hired bythe State of to rebuild roads and bridges.

Yes, there are Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and the other obvious heroes of the Civil War. But there are also many names you may never have heard of.

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In the, the largest battle in 'sCivil War, Confederate troops crushed the Union advance and sent the Federaltroops retreating to .The center of the railroad remained open for the moment.