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For years, the and Rwanda’s other Western friends turned a blind eye to this meddling. Again, like Israel, Rwanda has succeeded in leveraging the guilt that other countries feel for not intervening in its — in which almost a million people were killed when Hutu militias targeted Tutsis in 1994 — to blunt criticism of itself. But recently the United States and have been presented with such a mountain of allegations about how Rwanda funneled arms into Congo and even directed the recent capture of Goma that they had no choice but to change tack. So the Western powers recently slashed aid to Rwanda because of Congo, sending a simple but forceful message: Get out.

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Bringing Rwanda into the equation may reflect plain ignorance. More likely, though, it is a move by those who want to push the United States into Syria’s civil war and think this tack could succeed where others have failed. This is not only insulting to the victims in Rwanda. It is a cynical attempt to drag the United States into another Middle East conflict without the slightest assurance that intervention would, in the long run, benefit suffering Syrians.

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Congo could learn from , of all places. There, after two decades of civil war, the green shoots of a functioning government are finally sprouting, a result of grass-roots empowerment, a motivated business community and the steely resolve of African peacekeepers willing to absorb hundreds of casualties — which the United Nations mission in Congo has shown time and again that it is unwilling to do, despite having nearly 20,000 peacekeepers. Those peacekeepers sat riveted in their seats in their armored personnel carriers as the rebels marched into Goma on Nov. 20. Western powers pressured the rebels to leave, and they did less than two weeks later, but only after looting many government offices, cleaning out all the ammunition dumps and assassinating some enemies.

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Englebert’s work uses a variety of methods to demonstrate why civil wars are more common in certain African states and why Africa as a whole has a “secession deficit.”

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In fact, the situation in Syria has almost nothing in common with what unfolded in Rwanda 20 years ago. Arguing that the experience of Rwanda makes intervention in Syria more urgent requires a deep ignorance of what actually happened in Rwanda. This misunderstanding led us not to intervene to stop genocide there in 1994. Yet today, many in Washington seem just as ignorant as they were then.

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But it’s unfair to blame Rwanda for all of Congo’s ills. Congo’s core is so mushy and rotten from decades of titanic misrule that this country has become a dumping ground for armed groups from all over the place that exploit its porous borders and feed off its ambient chaos. In 2009, I traveled to Congo’s northeast corner, where you can see beautiful aged mansions from the Belgian days beginning their slow, inexorable slide toward the jungle floor. This area, now totally cut off, without cellphone service or functioning roads, has become a refuge for the , a psychopathic rebel group originally from led by . Nearly every year, its fighters club to death hundreds of people as they raid villages and kidnap children. Again, the Congolese Army, whose soldiers often don’t get paid because of corruption, was nowhere to be found when the rebels stormed in.

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Beginning with Sudan in 1956, Congo in 1960, and Nigeria in 1967 and ending with the recent conflicts in Rwanda and Sierra Leone, the contributors examine the root causes of civil wars and violent conflict.

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This reference shocks us into paying attention. The world’s failure to intervene during the 1994 Rwandan genocide was a disgraceful episode that left an ineradicable stain on leaders including President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, French President François Mitterrand and U.N. Secretaries-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan. No person or nation would want to bear such a moral burden.