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troops, infatuated fools,
Taught in Abolition schools,
Are coming South to pull their triggers,
Kill our boys and free our niggers.

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960

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Red, White, and Blue."
J. Dixie, dear land of King Cotton,
"The home of the brave and the free,"
A nation by freedom begotten,
The terror of despots to be;
Wherever thy banner is streaming,
Base tyranny quails at thy feet,
And liberty's sunlight is beaming,
In splendor of majesty sweet
A. G. troops, infatuated fools,
Taught in Abolition schools,
Are coming South to pull their triggers,
Kill our boys and free our niggers. But how cowardly they will feel
When first approaching Southern steel
With one hurrah! we'll sally forth
And kill those rascals of the North. Lincoln, in a fit of frenzy,
Will be seized with influenza.
His care's so great he can't be He'll follow John Brown to the devil.
O. Oof the focal and foremost fire,
Out of the hospital walls as dire,
Smitten of grapeshot and gangrene
(Eighteenth battle, and he sixteen),
Specter such as we seldom see,
Little Giffin of Tennessee. "Take him and welcome !" the surgeon said;
"Much your doctor can help the dead!"
And so we took him and brought him where
The balm was sweet on the summer air;
And we laid him down on a wholesome bed
Utter Lazarus, heel to head! Weary with the bated breath,
Skeleton boy against skeleton Death,
Months of torture, how many such!
Weary weeks of the stick and crutch!
Still a glint of the steel-blue eye
Spoke of the spirit that wouldn't die—

And didn't; nay, more! in death's despite,
The crippled skeleton learned to write!
"Dear Mother," at first, of course, and then,
Dear Captain," inquiring about the " men."
Captain's answer: "Of eight and five,
Giffin and I are left alive."
R. And we'd float down the river O) .

With Gregory Peck, John Megna, Frank Overton, Rosemary Murphy

i'm listening...
Bringing back lonely memories
Bringing back lonely memories
'm so cold and alone, in my soul it's snowing
my smile melts with confusion
the ignorance you've shown, It is so hard knowing
come come
why you do not give me a good hard fucking
it's when you bend down and tie your shoes
can you take a swing without ducking?
that you should make sure your pants aren't low-waist
or a duck without eating
remains crystal, a battered shard of light
i had sex with my friends brother
Like the 711 sign that stays on all night
Like the 711 sign that stays on all night
I blaze, all unseen, with the glow of what's right.
d'ja my love
Smoking Pot until the dawn of light
yellos as the sun and bright as the day
smoking pot on the lawn till we're caught but we'll put up a fight
mellow as i run i was right all along on the ground she lay
joking alot like a pawn kill the queen because my rhymes is tight
as the shadows die
I'm better then you
what is going on here
this takes more than i care to think
a project
it takes more than what in wine I can sink
Work you idiot
smelling my butt is fun with sticky fingers
what the fuck?
are forenever
are covered in blood
we are freinds forever
Your nose is long
But thee are not exactly clever
So let's all sing along
With a sore troat
roses are red
i find a dictionary
napolian's dead *sniff*
the color of a canary
what is it you are trying to convey to me,,,find out on your own time
the color of a canary
which is yellow and merry
Like two doves
whos names are ashly and larry
whose fathers are awful and hairy
I soon shall be in Suffolk
Ticker belonged to that race of men
where I grew up, you know
Time and tick will never beat that stick
king prawn madoo
supreme monks vegetable
supreme monks vegetable
The horses in the stable
Ruuning Right Along
Were Getting It On One From ehind, And The Other Straight On, As The Mare Neighed And Cried For More, The stallion Gave It To Her, And She Had An Orgasm Once More
i love horses
There's something strange about this.
I'm tired of divorces
Stop having marriages
cheese is glamorous and brave, cheese i see in my own grave.
I'm the murderer who killed me
Cheese in all it's might, I like to hold tight.
even though i still am thee
robots are both friend and foe
Thee stil esteemed in mine
i meant to do my work today
In the world's wide mouth live scandaliz'd and foully spoken of
his real name is donny
the bitter halitosis of the unexamined though
we were all tired
he is married to bonny
Thank you for the Dots
A bonny bonny is bonny
the game of the garbage men
"I'm known for causing spontaneous combustion, constantly jumping through miscellaneous subjects
its the boy kenny
See, it's just too much for one small cauliflower to handle
Crackers and fennel
French revolution
Standing alone along the edge of the sea
my education was always based on which girl i was dating
oh my, the day has cast a ray
I love Matt
I love Matt
i love
i love
wearing cats fur
the way we've all be come so nice and shiny in our hearts
is cruel and unusual
is cruel and unusual
the moon
i am insulal
what is it in the moon, that gives such illustruous light?
j'ai chanté dans le jardin
I'm a thug that always selling drugs
i beam like the sunshine
i'm an emcee who spits bars to split mugs
still living life spitting slugs
Some things just don't fit.

Many of these song lyrics and poems have been long forgotten

I comes this way.
golden section
not to play , not say hey but to bring dismay
no in my world
i love you
jiggly puff my heart dances with poo
like the horse you rode in on
monster trucks
i fucked ur mom
i like as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
if only i had a million bucks
five oh beatnik groove
I'd give you the sun , the moon and the stars
i have no true friends, which is why people stare,i just wanted some peeps, to be kind and care
but that would surely kill you
acrid wind beneath wings so torn, feel the breaze, let me soar
ass shit
sesttle down you wild indians
ass shit i quit
dont ask me when the fun begins
light it up and take a hit
you will end up having twins
oh no i quit
that is not when the fun begins
what was
how about when you have twins
dont ask me what was she always lies about what she does
thats not when the fun begins
she is drinking and has a buzz
you just had twins
that is all she ever does
and I already want to punch there chins
if you ask her why she will say because
is that when the fun begins
what are the name of the twins
no the fun never begins unless you are the twins
I hate it when this begins
you can punch them in there chins
go punch them in there chins
no I cant they are my twins
do not be mean to the twins
turn them into bowling pins
stop telling me when the trouble begins
that is when the fun begins
you want to take home one of my twins
use them both for bowling pins
no just punch them in the chins
I just punched them in there chins
I want to give you my twins
ha ha ha those worthless twins
no just let me punch thier twins
no just let me punch their chins
you can do it on thier chins
and who ever does not cry wins
please just be nice to your twins
send the other to bed and fun begins
only if the fun begins
oh I hope it never ends
just get rid of the twins
well how you act depends
there mothers might punch us in our chins
I do not have any friends
just get rid of the worless twins
you must have boring weekends
that is when the fun begins
yes I do please find me some friends
let's rape the kings and kill the queens
tape the strings and spill the beans
tape the strings and spill the beans,never meant to speak like that,dirty twat smellsl like this,homegrown skunk,poets piss
give a piece and thrill the queens
hey ugly you got pink
oh yeah that's right
my life is brilliant
Peanut butter toast
thus I am blinded when I look in the mirror.
Lard cake, muster a fake.

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