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The Federal Government's experience in implementing section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, has demonstrated that a publicized, readily available, comprehensive technical assistance program responsive to the problems and needs of its audience offers many advantages. Technical assistance that is designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, covered entities, and the general public reduces misunderstandings regarding rights and responsibilities, facilitates voluntary compliance, and promotes the exchange of information and the development of more effective and less costly methods to address compliance issues. It also avoids an unnecessary reliance on enforcement and litigation to achieve compliance.

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This framework then can provide a basis for making reasoned decisions about the proper scope and limits of rights.Formal instruction in civics and government should be no less attentive to the responsibilities of citizens in a constitutional democracy.

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For American democracy to flourish, citizens not only must be aware of their rights, they must also exercise them responsibly and they must fulfill those personal and civic responsibilities necessary to a self-governing, free, and just society.

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If citizens are to exercise their rights and discharge their responsibilities as members of self-governing communities, they not only need to acquire a body of knowledge such as that embodied in the five organizing questions just described; they also need to acquire relevant intellectual and participatory skills.Intellectual skills in civics and government are inseparable from content.

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A vital civil society not only prevents the abuse or excessive concentration of power by government; the organizations of civil society serve as public laboratories in which citizens learn democracy by doing it.The second organizing question entails an understanding of the historical, philosophical, and economic foundations of the American political system; the distinctive characteristics of American society and political culture; and the values and principles basic to American constitutional democracy, such as individual rights and responsibilities, concern for the public good, the rule of law, justice, equality, diversity, truth, patriotism, federalism, and the separation of powers.

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Two of the eight national goals the law established deal specifically with civic education.

The National Education GoalsGoal 3: Student Achievement and CitizenshipBy the year 2000, all students will leave grades 4, 8, and 12 having demonstrated competency over challenging subject matter including English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history, and geography, and every school in America will ensure that all students learn to use their minds well, so they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our Nation's modern economy.All students will be involved in activities that promote and demonstrate...good citizenship, community service, and personal responsibility.Goal 6: Adult Literacy and Lifelong LearningBy the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship (emphasis added).
As this report and those of other concerned groups of Americans make clear, we as a people have not yet achieved the goals of equity and excellence in education that we have set for ourselves.

It can work—but only if performance is broadly defined and all parties agree to the plan

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Good civic education promotes an understanding of how and why one's own security, quality of life, and economic position is connected to that of neighboring countries, as well as to major regional, international, and transnational organizations.Formal instruction should emphasize the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a constitutional democracy.