China’s new Politburo and Politburo Standing Committee

America and the west must ensure the new industries are based in the west and that china and all others are forced to compete fairly in/with them.

China's Success in the Middle East :: Middle East Quarterly

The PLA is set to become the largest “American” military force to pose a threat to the U.S.

China's Success in the Middle East

The new stadium here, Bahamian officials said, was in part a reward for breaking ties with in 1997 and establishing and keeping relations with China.

by Guang Pan Middle East Quarterly December 1997, pp

Determined not to be sidelined, Taiwan is seeking to solidify its existing relationships with countries like , , and — which in 2007 broke relations with China in favor of Taiwan — with a bevy of projects, many of them agricultural, including an agreement signed with Belize in recent weeks to develop the fish farming industry there.

The downside is too ugly to contemplate

As YOU dont have ALL the Data, or even equal data on both Economies. The CCP want and keep it that way. (That information comes from people financing OBOR projects. Who know they can get 100’s of billion’s of US $ from the PBOC printing press in CNY/RMB, if the project can advantage china (dosent have to make economic sense (Sri lankan port, and now port industrial zone), just, ADVATAGE china))

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