We provide a safe, clean and secure environment for every child.

63. One teacher at a "playground-less school" expressed doubts about the school's decision, and explained that the kids created their own playgrounds in unsafe ways - hanging from the underside of stairs, running around wildly until one or more get hurt, etc. (Hammond, 2012)

We provide a safe, clean and secure environment for every child.

There are specific recommended safety checks for soft contained playgrounds:

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Help keep your playground clean and safe by picking up trash, using the equipment properly, and reporting any problems to the city, town, or county parks department, school, or other organization that is responsible for the upkeep of the playground.

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Safe playground equipment and adult supervision are extremely important, but it's only half of the equation: Kids must know how to be safe and act responsibly at the playground.

Financing your playground purchase avoids the price obstacle often involved.

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30. Mastering the different apparatuses on a playground will provide a child with physical challenges, but will also ensure that self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted, too.

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32. "Kids bully and misbehave more when they aren't busy with better things" (Bornstein, 2011), and modern playgrounds are becoming locations where children are too stimulated to become bullies.

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33. Playgrounds provide kids with playtime unencumbered by pre-conceived stories, characters, and plot lines. Instead, kids make up the rules, the story, and engage fully in the creative process of play.

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29. Happiness is a byproduct of outdoor play on a playground, and thus "joy begets joy" when kids can continually head outdoors to explore, learn, and grow.

20. The equipment in playgrounds helps children of any age level to develop motor skills.

Playgrounds Provide Myriad Developmental Benefits for Children

To demonstrate how essential, vital and necessary these places are, we are going to consider seventy-seven different reasons that seek to explain just why it is that playgrounds should remain a steadfast fixture in any school or community. We'll look at them under specific headings, starting with what the research and "experts" have discovered, and then looking at such things as their health benefits, their societal benefits, and more.

60. Playgrounds allow children a chance to learn how to work as their own arbiters, and across age, race, and gender barriers.

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54. Playgrounds are not meant strictly for school age kids but for kids as young as a year in age. When designed properly they will support the growth of the intellect, body, and the brain.

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31. The unstructured nature of playground time allows children to retain a sense of control that is not available in many other parts of their lives. (Ross, 2012)