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After one of my recent lectures, a Christian college student approached me and asked if black people are uncomfortable with the fact that Jesus is white. I responded, “Jesus is not white. The Jesus of history likely looked more like me, a black woman, than you, a white woman.”

Jesus Christ's childhood home 'discovered' by British academic

A joyful and lively child, Therese’s life was blessed by the love of her parents and sisters.

Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face ..

Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres was a Spanish Conceptionistsister who traveled from her Country to the New World to help found the RoyalConvent in Quito, Ecuador. Favoured with many singular gifts from heaven, thischosen soul was given to know many future events, especially the grievoussituation of the Church in the 20th century. The apparition of Our Lady whenthe visions of the 20th century were shown to Mother Mariana has been approvedby the Church and Mother Mariana has been declared Venerable in the first steptowards her canonization. On January 16, 1635, surrounded by her community andher Franciscan confessors, Mother Mariana made a solemn profession of Faith andthen asked, as a last favour, to die on the ground, in imitation ot herSeraphic Father, St Francis. After receiving Holy Communion and the Sacramentof Extreme Unction, she foretold the exact hour of her death: 3 p.m. Justbefore she died, she read he last will and testament, a moving testimony thatgave her daughters inestimable advice about the religious life along with manyprophecies concerning the order. During the wake , the sight of a blind girlwas restored when a flower from the crown the encircled Mother Mariana’s headwas touched to her eyes. In 1906, during the remodelling of the Convent, herthree-Century old tomb was opened. They discovered the body of Mother Marianade Jesus WHOLE AND INCORRUPT, complete with her habit and articles of penancethat had been placed in the tomb with her. An exquisite aroma of Liliesemanated from her whole body. Thus God preserves some of his saints whopractice heroic virtue and maintain holy chastity in their earthly lives.

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It is the last day beast that will try to devour the child and John received this vision years after Jesus' death and resurrection, therefore complete fulfillment is reserved for the last days.

It's important for children to have balance in their life and spirituality is as important in a childs life as everything else.

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Being other-serving is the ideal, and the vast majority of humanity loves other-servers, partly because they get something out of the deal, and the 95% of us not on the dark path can be inspired by their lives. That 80+% of humanity will not accept personal responsibility for their lives and rather easily relinquish it. They look for other-servers to give it to. That is great folly. Other-servers realize that nobody should give their power away, and usually do not seek positions of earthly power. As Lake's ET friends stated, the self-servers seek power and can be found flocking to positions of power as moths flock to light bulbs. Self-servers engage in a charade. They masquerade as other-servers and ask the masses to give them their power (responsibility) so they can serve the "common good." As Dennis has said, they serve humanity all right, they serve up a plateful that they feast on every night. It is not always the case, but those in positions of power in today's world are largely self-serving.

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Those are general categories and percentages, and are only for illustration, not to be taken literally to two decimal points. That category of 5% dark path initiates has various levels of accomplishment and commitment. The dark path is not forever, either. Eventually, all dark path initiates wake up. Not many reach that highest level of dark path evolution and meet the creator, to be told that they cannot get home on their path. Most figure it out before then, after getting a bellyful of the , and eventually revert and pursue the light path. An initiate who attains the "mastery" of the dark path, equivalent to a Genghis Kahn is far less than 5% of the population. A Genghis Kahn is one in many millions. On the light path, a Jesus or a Buddha attained levels of mastery that have proven to be one in billions on Earth, so far.

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Einstein once remarked that human stupidity is a truly infinite aspect of our universe, and dark path members eagerly exploit it. They play to people’s sense of helplessness and feelings of victimization by selling violence as a remedy for the world’s ills, as if there were no other choice. The demonization of , or (or America’s demon of the hour in the early 21st century, ) is merely state propaganda and the masses fall for it every time. Indonesia’s made them all look like choirboys, but he did our bidding, so he was a respected ally who we heavily armed. Hussein, Noriega, and bin Laden were lauded American allies while they did our bidding, and became demons when they failed to. The dark path folks smile every time people support violence, as they know it leads to more violence, and they truly get thrills out of bloodshed (as long as it is not blood being shed) and the suffering of others. Millions of people cheering massive violence wreaked against distant peoples is a dream come true for dark path initiates.