Charlie only wants like chocolate and only gets them once per year.

Wonka doesn't break the news that Charlie's won the factory to anyone until after he's crashed the elevator into the shack, and to make matters worse , so this just makes him look like an even bigger jerk.

(2005 film, 2005 stage musical Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, 2010 opera).

(Also applies to ; Daniel Okulitch had to be the second-youngest looking Wonka after Johnny Depp!)

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The following day is the factory visit; Charlie chooses to bring Grandpa Joe with him, since it will mean the most to the old man out of everyone in the family. The other four children have all brought their parents. Mr. Wonka comes out of the factory to greet them, and Charlie is amazed at the sight of him. He takes them into the factory to begin the tour.

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They start with the Chocolate Room, an enormous room containing a valley of edible grass and plants and a chocolate river. Churning up the river is a chocolate waterfall. In this room, the visitors see the factory workers for the first time. They are tiny people called , who Wonka smuggled from their dangerous home Loompaland in order to work in the factory.

Wonka greatly and is as excited by Charlie at the prospect of meeting him and touring the factory.

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Charlie and Mike Teavee are the last ones left. Wonka takes them in a special glass elevator that can move sideways as well as up and down, and they head to the Television Chocolate room, where Wonka takes giant bars of chocolate and sends them by television so that they can be taken from the television screen on the other side. Mike decides that he will be the first person ever to be sent by television, and before Wonka can stop him he flips the switch to send himself, becoming tiny on the other side. The Oompa-Loompas take Mike and his parents to the taffy puller so Mike can be stretched out to normal size, and sing a song that recommends giving your children books instead of letting them watch television.

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Poor Charlie wants chocolates and sweets like most children. He wants to help out his family. Though he behaves well, that doesn't mean he's not going to get jealous and wish bad on others. He eats up his grandfather's stories with a spoon despite there is no real evidence that they ever actually happened. And in the imagination, especially that of a child, ANYTHING can happen.

Wonka's first chocolate shop and went on to work in his factory until the day it was closed.

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Kids are dreamers and any kid is going to imagine up a situation where they somehow managed to win a game that they lost. For Charlie, that situation would be that the last ticket was a fake and HE found the real one. Forging a ticket doesn't sound like it'd really make any sense. First of all, how would you know what's written on the ticket or what it really looks like? Even if you did get a reasonable facsimile, what good would it do you? You'd not get into the factory anyway. Even if it was a way to get your 15 minutes of fame, you'd lose it in the backlash of the discovery. So, that last ticket probably wasn't a fake and Charlie just lost.

When the boy does, the old man is so excited and happy that he gets out of bed to serve as Charlie's guardian for the factory tour.

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Now Charlie is the only one left, and Wonka says that means he has won the grand prize. Wonka originally started the Golden Ticket contest so that he could find an heir, since he has no family and he is getting old. His favorite child at the end of the day would inherit the factory, and that child is Charlie. Elated, Charlie goes with Mr. Wonka and Grandpa Joe to fetch the rest of his family to live in the factory full-time and help run it until Charlie is old enough to do it himself.

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