"I think Manson will haunt us forever."

The player character, and many other side characters, are afflicted by a curse that makes them come back to life after death, losing sanity each time until they turn into .

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The character does not need to die permanently as long as he appears to die in the narrative.
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Charles Manson, mastermind of 1969 murders, dies at 83

Metaphysics-objective reality. Rand offered a narcotic for confused young people: complete certainty and a relief from their anxiety. Rand believed that an "objective reality" existed, and she knew exactly what that objective reality was. It included skyscrapers, industries, railroads, and ideas-at least her ideas. Rand's objective reality did not include anxiety or sadness. Nor did it include much humor, at least the kind where one pokes fun at oneself. Rand assured her Collective that objective reality did not include Beethoven's, Rembrandt's, and Shakespeare's realities-they were too gloomy and too tragic, basically buzzkillers. Rand preferred Mickey Spillane and, towards the end of her life, "Charlie's Angels."

Charles Manson alive, prison officials say, as reports of ill …

Ayn Rand's books such as The Virtue of Selfishness and her philosophy that celebrates self-interest and disdains altruism may well be, as Vidal assessed, "nearly perfect in its immorality." But is Vidal right about evil? Charles Manson, who himself did not kill anyone, is the personification of evil for many of us because of his psychological success at exploiting the vulnerabilities of young people and seducing them to murder. What should we call Ayn Rand's psychological ability to exploit the vulnerabilities of millions of young people so as to influence them not to care about anyone besides themselves?

There's even a pie-chart devoted to the causes of each of his deaths at the top of this page!
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Commentators are exhausting their vocabularies in describing the vile nature of Manson’s deeds and legacy. But Manson’s agenda was simply secular progressivism faithfully lived out: Manson, nor today’s liberals/relativists, bow to any deity other than themselves. They invent “truth” to suit their needs, hold unflinching confidence in their own importance and are willing to exploit others to advance their ideas.

Charles Manson, whose brutality made him face of evil, …

Although similar to , wherein a character may 'die' and come back to life at least once, this is trope refers to when a character is killed many times and usually as a .

Charles Manson, whose brutality made him face of evil, dead

Charlie Manson's image can still be found on posters and T-shirts. In 1998, the animated television series "South Park" featured Manson in a Christmas special. There have been books, a play, an opera and television movies about the case. There are even iPhone applications of Manson's famous quotes.

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For many Americans, the name Charles Manson conjures vivid images and unsettling memories. Boomers remember the 1976 TV miniseries that depicted the cult, the murders and trials in surrealistic darkness. Vincent Bugliosi’s book on Manson became almost required reading for teenagers in the late 1970s. Through 500-plus pages, “Helter Skelter”was horrifying, revolting, salacious and instructive in one riveting volume.

Killer Charles Manson alive as reports swirl of ill health

While finishing grad school in Virginia, I spoke several times to teen boys at the Natural Bridge Detention Center. Though closed several years ago, the 80-bed juvenile jail was famous for once housing a teenager named Charles Manson. Manson had served time there before being released to live with relatives in California.