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The new oil filter was incorporated into the lubricating system AFTER the oil pump and BEFORE the oil flowed into pressure lubricated bearings of theengine.

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Fiberglass and metal fabrics are also sometimes used for oil filtration.

How Often to Change My Car Oil Filter

When is the right time to change oil and filters?
Engine builders publish recommended intervals, often using charts that factor in conditions and mileage or hours. You will never go wrong if you adhere tothese recommendations faithfully, or change oil even more often. It might also make you feel better that you are regularly replacing "dirty" oil withclean oil, and that has been both believed and advertised for many years as: "How things should be done".

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The size and number of filters put on an engine as standard equipment depends on its size and how long its oil will remain in the crankcase beforebeing changed.
Standard full-flow filters are designed-in by engine makers to cleanse the oil during normal service.
This assumes the oil is changed at normal recommended intervals for the type ofduty the engine and vehicle encounter.
The cleaner the environment and easier the duty, the longer the service interval; the dirtier environments and tougher duties require more frequent oiland filter changes.
If you run Long Life Oil in your engine for extended intervals (longer than those recommended by ), you may have to change the standard conventional Cellulose Oil Filters more often than the oil.
Or you can use a Primary Oil Filter whose materials are designed to go a longer calendar time and engine run hours.
You can also use a Secondary By-pass Filter, whose additional cleaning action eases the burden on the Primary Filter.

The base gasket is therefore the MOST important part of the "spin-on" oil filter design.

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By-pass Filters were originally sold as a way to extend engine life, but now they can also help extend oil-drain intervals. By-pass Filters can be installedon most existing engines because they plumb into fittings on the engine block.
Or can be mounted remotely from the engine.
If compact enough they will be mounted on or close to the engine block (which is how engine builders usually do it if they include By-pass Filtration).
Otherwise, they are remotely mounted using hoses and other hardware. There are several types of aftermarket bypass filters.
By-pass Filters are standard on some Heavy-Duty Diesels and optional on others;they are also readily available as aftermarket products.
When you compare the various types of By-pass Filters, you find that Each has advantages and disadvantages.
But if you are a conservative and change oil at or sooner than the intervals recommended by the engine maker, you need not worry about aftermarket productsat all.
The engine's standard filters will be quite adequate.

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technology solves the problem by using special synthetic glass microfibers (shown above) that are about 10 timessmaller than conventional cellulose filter fibers (shown below). This allows a full flow oil filter to have above listed performance.

Save time and money by changing your oil

The Motor Oil and Motor Oil Filter Change, however still remains the most common and most frequent Periodic Maintenance Service = PMS.

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The newest designs of Oil Filters for Heavy Duty engine applications now combine primary and secondary filtration in separate chambers, but in the samecommon housing.
These are used on some recently introduced diesels.

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If the oil is not "fried" or over-heated and the additive package remains intact, oil can be made to last far longer than many people are used tobelieve.
Some vehicle owners using new products "never" change their engine oil!
But they do a "partial" change each time they add fresh "make-up" oil to make up for what is consumed in normal engine operation and also to replenish smallamount that is removed during a change of oil filter elements.
If you want to extend the oil-change interval to save time and money, you need to develop a program to do it safely. The correct oil and proper filtration arepart of this. So, probably, also is Oil Analysis.
Responding to demands for reduced maintenance, engine makers have lengthened the recommended distances allowed for some over-the-road truck engines. Usuallythese involve larger oil capacity (Up to 50 Quarts) and more filtration (Two Filters and/or By-pass Filter System).