Job changes aren't just for the Baby Boomers and Gen X folks

The job evaluation process is by and large a subjective one, demanding close cooperation between supervisors, compensation professionals and employees. Establishing a job evaluation committee ensures representation of the points of view of the people who are familiar with the jobs being evaluated. This may include employees, HR staff, managers and in the case of a labour relations environment, union representatives. To establish a committee the organization should first identify a need for the program, obtain cooperation, choose committee members who know the organization, and finally carry out the actual job evaluation in an objective and gender neutral manner.

Is there a difference between job design and workplace design

Job enrichment involves making basic changes in job content and level of responsibility.

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In a good, healthy economic market, we traditionally see 8-10% increases. Given the tight job market and economic climate over the last 2-3 years, we have seen increases that average between 5-8%. Many candidates are willing to accept lateral moves, or even a decrease in pay for an opportunity to remain employed. Unfortunately, we have seen mass-layoffs and unemployment impact many large firms and vendors - even in our highly specialized industry of eDiscovery and Litigation Support.

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Replication bandwidth estimation has always been a challenge, because it depends on multiple factors such as the number and size of VMs, change rate (at least daily, per RPO cycle is ideal), RPO target, replication window. Full information about these factors, however, is rarely at hand. You may try to set up a backup job having the same settings as the replication job, and test the bandwidth (as the backup job will transfer the same amount of data as the replication job). Veeam ONE (specifically Infrastructure Assessment report packs) may help with estimating change rates and collecting other information about the infrastructure.

Job Enlargement: Job enlargement changes the jobs to include more and/or different tasks.

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