It seems that the internet is just a natural process of life.

Portable WiFi solution that unblocks content worldwide


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is a free desktop App that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open Internet.

is a free App gives access to websites even if they are blocked by national or corporate firewalls.

The internet is a human's way of .

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(The first internet message was sent from UCLA's campus on Oct.

Focus not on the locations of things, but on the things themselves by retrieving information from the nearest computer that has it, rather than wait to get it from a heavily-trafficked centralized servers.

From a system to a system.

states that all people must be able to access the Internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to Freedom of expression and opinion and other fundamental , that states have a responsibility to ensure that Internet access is broadly available, and that states may not unreasonably restrict an individual's access to the Internet.

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- Protect IP Act (wiki)

- International Telecommunication Union -

global online civil liberties and human rights, driving policy outcomes that keep the internet open, innovative, and free.


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is a network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

The internet is a lot bigger then you think, literally, figuratively and philosophically.

along with the impact of language censorship

It accesses the Internet on the user's behalf, protecting personal information by hiding the client computer's identifying information.

meaning 'false name', is a state of disguised identity.

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Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.

Signal App Scalable Encryption Tool.

goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space.

Just like the internet, life wants to branch out and make connections.

Who’s Applauding Internet Censorship? | Real Jew News

There are two functions that can be achieved: using a public key to authenticate that a message originated with a holder of the paired private key; or encrypting a message with a public key to ensure that only the holder of the paired private key can decrypt it.

(virus protection)

Digital Certificates
Scalable Provable Data Possession
Dynamic Provable Data Possession

(data mining)

were a series of electro-mechanical rotor cipher machines developed and used in the early- to mid-twentieth century to protect commercial, diplomatic and military communication.

defines the policies of persistent data and records management for meeting legal and business data archival requirements; although sometimes interchangeable, not to be confused with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Use 256 encryption and a Wpa/wpa2 password

is the obtaining of information considered or without the permission of the holder of the information.

Why The Next 10 Years Looks Bad for Internet Censorship

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When a corporation says "" or we experienced a Security Breach, this is just another way of saying, "", just like when a blames terrorists.

is a form of espionage conducted for commercial purposes .

requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a "political or quasi-political capacity" disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances.

China has the most rigid censorship program in the world.

The terms "identity management" (IdM) and "identity and access management" are used[by whom?] interchangeably in the area of Identity access management.[citation needed] "Identity management" comes under the umbrella of IT security.