(Forms of Music Censorship)What are some forms of music censorship?

This for instance implies that a government official cannot on his or her own decide to ban certain types of music from radio or television, if no law proscribes so. And the government is not allowed to pass a law on censorship for instance in order to silence certain religious groups or to combat opponent political opinions, because these are not legal grounds on which freedom of expression can be limited.

Censorship has been around since the development of music.

(History of Music Censorship) Album covers that were explicit were either changed or banned.

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All human rights are as important for musicians as they are for everyone else. However, two of these rights are of special relevance for musicians: the freedom of expression and the right to participate in cultural life. Together, these two offer a special protection of musicians against arbitrary censorship and persecution.

(Forms of Music Censorship)What is the history behind music censorship?

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