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The songs I was censoring, I had never heard before, so I wasn't sure where the questionable language was. So I looked up the lyrics (Yahoo! it) and read the lyrics as the song was playing.

When you here a word you would like to censor out, pause the playback of the song (Press the space bar) there should be an icon that looks like scissors towards the bottom left of GarageBand, press that.

Your screen should now look like the first image. It does? Good, carry on. It doesn't? Well it was obviously your fault, it's not like I could have made a mistake... Go back and reread everything.

If you'll notice, assuming that your song is stereo, there are to blobs separated by a line. Drag your mouse (actually cursor might be more appropriate considering what were doing) over that line. It should form a sort of cross hair.

Drag that from the point the word begins, to where it ends like your highlighting text. Then if you press the "delete" button that part of the song should disappear never to return again unless you press Command Z , now move your cursor up to the orange bar on the same latitude as it says "Audio Region" drag the separated section to the left so that it is in contact with the other section (See images 2 and 3).

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An incident in Toronto has proved how hollow that boast is. It shows that the moment a serious challenge to the polite norms of society arise, people in the arts are just as likely to turn tail and run as anyone else. It concerns , a Ukrainian pianist who in 1991 emigrated to America. She’s risen from total obscurity in her twenties, when she earned her living as a teacher and jobbing pianist, to something approaching piano stardom in her forties. Her website gets hundreds of thousands of hits, and on a recent visit to London, she packed out the Albert Hall for performances of Chopin which, while not great, were technically adept and musically engaging.

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Now we want to add the song that we are going to censor to GarageBand.

The easiest way to do this is simply to drag and drop it.

If you already have the song in iTunes though, you can press the icon at the bottom of right of GarageBand that looks like a musical note (See image 2), and select it from the list of songs in your iTunes library.

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Radio host and PragerU founder Dennis Prager speaks out.

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